5 Charming villages you must visit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Why visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

There are many reasons to choose Gran Canaria as a holiday destination at any time.
It has a privileged climate, with constant temperatures all year round, in addition to its fantastic beaches, it is the perfect destination to relax and get away from it all.

It is the ideal setting for water and water sports in the open air. The variety of the landscape is surprising along its 235 km of coastline.

In the south you will find quiet coves or the more touristy areas such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or San Bartolomé de Tirajana, where the famous Playa del Inglés beach is located.

Every corner of Gran Canaria is marvellous, giving you the chance to discover delicious aromas that emanate from a peculiar gastronomy.

The island can boast of being the only one in Europe to grow coffee, as well as many tropical crops and a rich confectionery.

Must-see villages in Gran Canaria

The charm of Gran Canaria does not end in the capital, Las Palmas, nor in its most touristy places, the island is dotted with charming villages to explore.

With this post, we want to recommend five wonderful villages that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Gran Canaria.


Agaete is a municipality in the northwest of Gran Canaria. It is one of the areas of the island that has maintained 100% of its essence. It is approximately half an hour from the centre of the capital.

What to see in Agaete?

Strolling through the village of Agaete is beautiful, characterised by the charm of its low houses, painted in white, contrasting with the blue of the sea.

In the municipality of Agaete, you will find one of the most outstanding archaeological sites on the island, “La necropolis of Maipés”, an ancient and impressive cemetery with approximately 700 tombs solidified by lava.

What to do in Agaete?

Agaete has the most beautiful natural swimming pools of the island “Las Salinas de Agaete”. Next to the village there is a small beach of stones and black sand. In August it celebrates its popular fiestas of La Rama.


Where to eat in Agaete?

In Agaete it is advisable to eat in the restaurant “Puerto de las Nieves”, it has a wide gastronomic offer.

If you are in the beach area you can eat in the restaurants “Angor” and “El Cápita” and if you want to eat something quick you have the option of El mesón del bocadillo, with a wide range of sandwiches.

Teror Gran Canaria

The municipality of Teror is located in the interior of the island of Gran Canaria and is considered one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is characterised by its religious pilgrimage centre, one of the most important in the Canary archipelago.

What to see in Teror?

In Teror you can visit the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino, patron saint of the island of Gran Canaria, which is located in the main square of the town.


You’ll be amazed by the traditional architecture of its colourful houses, with large wooden balconies, and if you visit the town during the Corpus Christi festival, you’ll find dozens of floral carpets that add to the beauty of the streets.

What to do in Teror?

Being in the interior of the island, it has a network of trails ideal for sports such as hiking and mountain biking.

Finca Osorio is a 10-minute drive away, a natural spot with a great diversity of flora and fauna and a recreational area ideal for families.

The Fiestas del Pino are held on 8 September, very famous and with great repercussion, pilgrims come from all over the island on foot.

Where to eat in Teror?

Before mentioning some good restaurants to eat, we have to say that the Chorizo de Teror is typical of the town as well as being considered one of the best in the world.

If you want to eat grilled meats, in a cosy and rustic place, we recommend the restaurant “El secuestro de Teror”. The smell of firewood and the fantastic service make it one of the best restaurants in the area.

If you prefer a good home cooked meal, with a nice view, the restaurant “Balcón de Zamora” is the place for you.

Arucas Gran Canaria

Arucas, is the third largest city of Gran Canaria and one of the most local municipalities of the island. It is located in the north of Gran Canaria, approximately 15 minutes from the capital.

Arucas is characterised by being surrounded by banana plantations, it has a beautiful historic centre which has been proclaimed of historic-artistic interest.

What to see in Arucas?

The most outstanding monument is the immense Church of San Juan Bautista, located in the Plaza de San Juan. It is characterised by being sculpted entirely in black stone from Arucas at the beginning of the 20th century.


As mentioned above, it has a fantastic old town, charming streets, full of colour and life, such as “Calle Leon” and “Castillo”.

You can visit the “Casa de la Cultura“, a traditional Canarian house from the 17th century, with a large inner courtyard and a specimen of a drago tree.

For liquor lovers, you can visit the “Ron Arehucas” factory and museum.

What to do in Arucas?

If you prefer to walk or do sport in the natural surroundings of the town, you can go hiking and climb the “Montaña de Arucas“.

Enjoy its rocky and sandy beaches. The natural pools of “los Charcones” and the beach of San Andrés.

Where to eat in Arucas?

If you want to eat well and near the Church of San Juan Bautista, I recommend the restaurant “El Bautista”, with its two star dishes “carrilleras con patatas” and “huevos rotos con papa bonita de Tenerife”.

If you want to have a bite to eat in the centre of the town, the restaurant “Enyesque” combines new and traditional cuisine.

Tejeda Gran Canaria

Tejeda is a charming village, located in the interior of the island of Gran Canaria, about 1000 metres above sea level. It is currently included in the association of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

What to see in Tejeda?

The village is small and can be covered in less than half an hour. As a tourist interest you can visit the Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, next to the town hall of Tejada.

Enjoy the different streets, alleys and the white houses of traditional architecture.

It has breathtaking views of the Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo, the whole landscape is part of the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria, a World Heritage Site.

Another characteristic visit is the municipal market and the Casa Museo de Antonio Padrón, a well-known and prestigious Canarian painter.


What to do in Tejeda?

In the months of February and March the almond trees, a tree that abounds in this area, blossom. During these dates the village celebrates its local festivities for a weekend.

Enjoy hiking in Tejeda, a route where you will walk through the Charco de la Paloma, La Culata de Tejeda and the cross of Timagada.

Where to eat in Tejeda?

There are good restaurants in Tejeda, we recommend the restaurant “Texeda”. A place that gives prominence to the products of the area and it is a place of creative cuisine.

You can also enjoy their craft beers made from almonds, wheat and the foreign beer (morena).

Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria.

In the southwest of the island of Gran Canaria, the village of Puerto de Mogán awaits us. It is a small traditional fishing village with a beach and lots of charm.

It is a very touristy town, receiving hundreds of visitors attracted by the beauty of its quays and streets. It is also known as “Little Venice”, due to the small canals that run through its interior.

What to see in Puerto de Mogán?

The incredible harbour area, surrounded by white houses with some coloured stripes, as well as bougainvillea.

You can’t miss the fantastic and wonderful sunsets from Puerto de Mogán. Luckily Puerto de Mogán is one of the areas in Europe with the most sunny days of the year, you will have infinite possibilities not to miss this event.


Enjoy its coves, beaches and an unbeatable atmosphere for the family.

What to do in Puerto de Mogán?

Enjoy the tourist attraction that takes you to discover the area’s marine spices in a submarine. Another activity you can do is a boat trip, which includes a snorkelling stop.

Where to eat in Puerto de Mogán?

If you want to enjoy a good local fish, you can’t miss the restaurant “Cofradía de Pescadores”, which offers exquisite fish and seafood of the day and from the coast of Mogán itself.

If you want an incredible view of Mogán while you eat, we recommend the restaurant “Beach Club Faro”.

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