7 tips to light up a dark house

Perhaps one of the first things we should do when we move in is to light up the living spaces in our new home. Once we lift the blinds, draw the curtains and let everything flood with light from the outside, we propose you to follow some simple tips to light up a dark house.

The light will not only generate a sensation of spaciousness, it will also produce a pleasant impression of warmth in our home. To achieve the effects we want, we must bear in mind that there are different types of light (cold, warm), playing with the angles of the jet of light, reflections on other surfaces, among other possibilities.

1.- Lighting a dark room is not always easy

Buying more powerful bulbs doesn’t have to guarantee that the light will reach all the dark corners of a room. Do not give in to the simple dynamics of the equation ‘the more power the more light spectrum’; nobody can guarantee that all the nooks and crannies will be correctly lit by our lamps.

It is preferable to have different points of light, instead of the classic central ones, in order to be able to tackle every corner or every point that we wish to illuminate. Let’s use several lamps, spotlights or light sockets depending on the shadows generated by our furniture in order to be able to neutralise them all.

como iluminar un salon oscuro

2.- Direct or indirect light to illuminate a dark house

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, whether the light source is direct or indirect, it will create a different type of lighting at each angle or point we want to illuminate. It could be that a specific point in our living room or room needs a centralised focus or that it only needs a subtle light nuance.

The subjective vision of each owner comes into play in this decision: does that reading couch need direct light, is the natural light coming from the window sufficient to illuminate a sofa, are the shelves with spotlights or without spotlights? Make tests before telling you and count on the advice of a professional.

3.- Recessed lights as a solution to difficult places

In some cases the external light will not be sufficient to achieve the desired effects in a space. Illuminating a bathroom, illuminating a kitchen or illuminating angles away from the living area of a living room, for example, represent difficult hurdles to overcome.

To do this, we have the great help of recessed lights or bulbs, which can discreetly and directionally distribute light where we want

como iluminar una casa con focos

4.- White to illuminate a house

Sometimes there are simpler solutions when it comes to knowing how to give natural light to a dark house. A simple and practical way is to decide on the colour white when painting the most visible spaces in our home.

The colour white is a natural light reflector. It is also a neutral colour when playing with the decoration of other colours that harmonise with the spaces. There are primary colours such as blue, red or green, which match its smoothness perfectly.

iluminar con color blanco

5.- Large mirrors

Mirrors produce a visual sensation of spaciousness by reflecting spaces. How many times has it happened to us that when we entered a house we felt that its extension was doubled thanks to the use of a mirror in its entrance?

That is why they are better the bigger they are. The refraction of light will make your whole home appear diaphanous and clear. This is a simple tip that never fails.

6.- Floor lamps or classic lamps to illuminate

One of these classics we are talking about is the use of floor lamps and even conventional lamps which, when well combined, will give a function not only of light, but also of aesthetics.

There are classic lamps like the Tiffany that never get old when it comes to giving sophistication to a space; although there is also a wide range of modern design lamps that can perfectly fit in with our preferences. There are hundreds of possibilities, do not hesitate to use several of them.

lampara de pie para iluminar casa

7.- LED lights for every situation

LED lights were born with some lighting problems, as in the beginning they only provided cold light. Nowadays, there is a huge number of LED lights, with all kinds of designs and warmth spectra.

We can use strips, microlights, bands, light circles, everything that enters our imagination can be made light. And remember, LED lights will reduce your light bill considerably.

iluminar baño con led

At Gilmar we can advise you on how to light your home thanks to our team of specialists in architecture and interior decoration. Find out how we can help you .

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