Beachfront as an exclusive location for a second home

More and more people are deciding to buy a second home on the beachfront. This is due to the great quality of life that can be enjoyed in the coastal cities of Spain (such as those located in the province of Malaga).

It is no coincidence that 80% of Spaniards dream of having a house on the beachfront as an exclusive place for a second home, but the question is clear…
What are the advantages of having a second home on the beachfront?

Advantages of owning a second home in a coastal city

Owning a residence in a coastal city will allow us to enjoy a second home, to enjoy the summer season.

In addition, it is a good investment option in case we decide to rent it as a vacation rental.

We will also find a great variety of leisure and restaurants, where you can enjoy a series of activities that are difficult to find in provincial areas.

Some of these activities include walks along the beach, a good dinner at a restaurant by the boardwalk, water activities for the little ones and even nightclubs with live music for a romantic night on the beach.

Who wouldn’t like to relax and enjoy the sun, a beach bar and good company?

On the Costa del Sol it will not be difficult to find an offer of exclusive homes. Gilmar Off Plan, a leading company in the real estate sector with over 37 years of experience in the sector has an incredible catalog of new homes in Marbella, Estepona, Puerto Banus, Malaga and the cities of Tenerife and Las Palmas.

If you want to find the best option for buying apartments in coastal cities, you can contact one of our advisors to learn about the advantages offered by these beachfront properties.

Why choose a beachfront property?

Vivienda en primera línea de playa en Puerto Banús

By choosing a beachfront home you will be able to reduce your stress, since the sea inspires peace and tranquility. In addition, you will have a great quality of life, which many will envy.

Advantages of living on the beachfront

Getting a lot more exercise outdoors.

We will breathe better.

Relieve our stress by helping us sleep like never before.

Good weather practically all year round.

What are the best coastal cities in Spain to live in?

This will depend on the type of lifestyle we like to lead, there are different coastal cities that offer a different type of leisure.

We can choose the Canary Islands as a second home if we want to enjoy the best nightlife, or on the contrary choose the Costa del Sol if we want to enjoy the tranquility and good weather.

We know it is very difficult to choose a city for our second home, but we have made a short list of the best coastal cities in Spain to choose your next second home.

Exclusive new construction developments on the Costa del Sol

Vivienda en primera línea de playa en Benalmádena

The exclusive new developments on the Costa del Sol are a good option for everyone, we can go as a couple or as a family.

It is undoubtedly one of the best options to choose our second home. In addition, it will provide us with a great cultural and leisure offer that has no waste.

The Costa del Sol offers luxury gastronomy, with Michelin-starred restaurants that are not to be missed.

The places for hiking are also the best to enjoy with the family. We will enjoy long kilometers of beach and an average of 300 sunny days, the weather is the protagonist!

It is also known for its incredible golf courses and natural landscapes such as Sierra Bermeja. All this leisure offer is spread over Marbella and Estepona, beautiful places where you can find new homes.

Exclusive new developments in Estepona

Estepona is a very busy city for tourists, very clean, well cared for and full of details. In addition, it is located in a very special area a few kilometers from such exclusive towns as Marbella or San Pedro de Alcántara, with natural landscapes such as Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja. The new construction in Estepona is one of the best options to find your second home. We tell you why.

Estepona is not only important for having one of the best locations with one of the best climates in Spain. It is also well known for its Andalusian gastronomy, its paradisiacal beaches and the charm of a town with a great history that has a mixture of several cultures.

We can not leave Estepona without visiting the Archaeological Museum of Estepona, in this special museum we can find unique pieces, some are rescued from the sea. Above all is the Venus of Estepona of 5,000 years old.

New developments in Marbella

Vivienda en primera línea de playa en Málaga

After the urban boom that took place in the area during the 70’s, we can say that this Malaga city is a fantastic option for the purchase of a second home.

Marbella has privileged beaches and a wonderful natural environment full of vegetation and incredible views of the Sierra Blanca mountain.

This beautiful city is located a few kilometers from Puerto Banus, one of the most exclusive places on the Costa del Sol where luxury, gastronomy and high-end cars are the protagonists.

In Marbella you will also find a wide range of cultural and leisure activities where you can enjoy the day with family or friends.

In the heart of the city of Marbella we can find the Old Town of Marbella, one of the most historic places in the city, and certainly one of the most beautiful to visit for its endless corridors, or the beautiful flowers that invade its corners.

New developments in the Canary Islands

This wonderful archipelago will flood you with culture and happiness, since in this place you will find incredible activities to enjoy and natural places of the islands that will not leave you indifferent.

The Canary Islands is the perfect cocktail of peace, entertainment and fun. Here you will find a wide variety of plans to enjoy with your family, as a couple or with friends.

Its famous volcano ¨ El Teide¨, a place you can not miss in this wonderful city, or ¨La Villa de La Orotava¨ which is located in the valley. Its historic center was declared a Historic-Artistic Site and still preserves important examples of the island’s architecture.

The Canary Islands have also been awarded with Michelin Stars, thanks to a set of wonderful restaurants that you cannot forget to visit.

The famous microclimate of the Canary Islands will make you live an eternal spring, because with an average of 21 degrees Celsius practically all year round… Who would want to stay at home in a tropical paradise?

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