Buy apartments in Tenerife: Los Pájaros

At Gilmar Off Plan we know the natural wealth of the Canary Islands. That is why we have exclusive properties such as Los Pájaros, the best option for buying apartments in Tenerife.

The Canary Islands are a favourite destination for Europeans and tourists from all over the world. Millions of visitors choose it as their holiday destination and some of them fall in love with it so much that they end up investing in a second home.

But why choose Santa Cruz de Tenerife? Like the rest of the islands of the archipelago, its enclave gives it unique characteristics that make it a paradise.

The variety of its reliefs with its volcanic beaches, its landscapes surrounded by mountains or deserts and its subtropical climate where there is no winter, make this city the perfect place to establish your home or second home.

In addition, Tenerife offers one of the best European enclaves for astro-tourism, a certification endorsed by Unesco. In addition, the island is home to Spain’s highest peak, Mount Teide, at 3,718 metres, as well as long and beautiful beaches such as El Médano and La Tejia.

Playas de Gran Canaria

Buy apartments in Tenerife: Los Pájaros

In the middle of this paradise is Los Pájaros. Located very close to the city centre, in the area known as Vistabella, Gilmar Off Plan offers a series of exclusive apartments for those who want to enjoy the comforts of the big city, without renouncing the tranquillity of its surroundings.

With great public transport links, this area also has important educational and musical centres, such as its conservatory. We cannot forget the cultural, gastronomic and landscape richness of the whole archipelago, which makes it an incredible place to live.

A few kilometres away is San Cristóbal de La Laguna, an incredible city that has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its colonial architecture and the beauty of its historic centre make it a place not to be missed.

The architecture of Santa Cruz de Tenerife represents two eras: the colonial and the modern, an example of which is the building by Santiago Calatrava: the Adam Martín Auditorium.

parque de Timanfaya en Tenerife

Reasons to choose the island of Tenerife

At Gilmar Off Plan we are aware of the majesty and richness of the landscape and culture of the Canary Islands. Its cliffs, its beaches, its trails, the prehistoric laurisilva of Anaga and, of course, its enviable climate, make Santa Cruz de Tenerife a privileged place in which to establish your residence.

Tenerife is the largest of the eight islands that make up the Canary archipelago. The island’s charms include the wild beaches in the north, such as Benijo. From here you can enjoy incredible views of the Roques de Anaga, a nature reserve made up of natural monuments in the middle of the ocean.

In the heart of Tenerife we find La Cueva del Viento. The fifth longest volcanic tube in the world. At 18 kilometres, it is second only to the four on the island of Hawaii. It was formed 27,000 years ago following an eruption of the Pico Viejo volcano, located next to Teide, in the north of the island. When you go inside, you discover a labyrinth of underground passages, many of them still unexplored.

About 20 kilometres from Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the Anaga Rural Park. Peaks and mountains merge with the ocean to create imposing cliffs and black sand beaches surrounded by nature. To enjoy the park in all its splendour, you can walk along the different trails that cross the forests until you reach the coast. One of them is the laurel forest, with more than 40 million years of history.

We cannot forget the local gastronomy. Dishes such as marinated tuna or fish casserole, without forgetting the wrinkled potatoes with their mojo picón, stand out among many other dishes of the gastronomic culture of the archipelago.

Another of the island’s emblematic symbols is the dragon tree of Icod de los Vinos. This iconic tree, more than 700 years old, will take you on a journey to fantastic lands worthy of science fiction books.

Enchantments of the Canarian archipelago

Living in Tenerife brings us closer to the charms that encompass the entire Canary archipelago. The island of Gran Canaria takes us to another contrasting landscape. It has a Nature Reserve as impressive as Maspalomas. The 21 municipalities that make up this island transport us to mountainous landscapes without forgetting its incredible beaches as well as its ravines, all without forgetting its varied and strange nature, its gastronomy and its ancestral traditions.

Lanzarote is another natural paradise. The main attraction of this territory is the Timanfaya National Park. As is to be expected, this island was also designated a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993.

An island of volcanic and reddish earth which, when combined with the tranquillity and peace that can be breathed, makes anyone feel as if they were in another universe. It is the island where the largest number of sportsmen and women gather to practice a wide variety of sports such as running, cycling, swimming and diving.

Parque Timanfaya

Fuerteventura, together with Lanzarote, is one of the driest islands of the archipelago. It is the oldest island, which is reflected in its numerous volcanic eruptions.

For nature lovers, although all the islands are more than ideal, Fuerteventura has a Red Canaria de Espacios Naturales Protegidos (Canarian Network of Protected Natural Spaces) consisting of 13 sites. Some examples of these most worth visiting are the lava-covered areas of Malpais Grande and Chico, Saladar de Jandia and Montaña de Tindaya.

It is clear that the Canary archipelago is a paradisiacal place to visit. With so much natural and cultural wealth, Tenerife has become a prime alternative city in which to buy flats. Gilmar Off Plan’s exclusive Los Pájaros development is the perfect option to make this city your place of residence.

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