Cádiz to live in

Cádiz to live or to dream of living in Cádiz?
The capital of the province is a piece of sea that mixes with the joy of carnival, a flamenco beat that can be heard at sunset, the pen of more than one poet, the east wind for the Phoenicians and the west wind for the Romans, the inspiration of the artist, the uniqueness for the urbanite and the Andalusian solera smeared with salt.

Cadiz is undoubtedly a city to be experienced, which can be discovered by strolling through its alleys, which always lead to the sea.
It is no coincidence that the New York Times magazine named it one of the one hundred destinations chosen to visit in 2019, because getting to know Cádiz is part of the way to get to know oneself.

Thanks to Gilmar you can live your dream or live in a dream, we currently have magnificent new build properties in Cádiz capital in one of the best neighbourhoods in the city, specifically in the district of San Carlos.

The neighbourhoods of Cádiz

One of the characteristics of the city are its neighbourhoods, each one has something of its own that makes it different.

El Mentidero:

Located in the historic centre of the city, it is home to the Gran Teatro Falla, the Parque Genovés, the Alameda Apodaca and the Casa de las Viudas.
In its beginnings it was a territory destined for sowing, where the Cadiz market gardens were located, but at the end of the 18th century it began its architectural transformation, which would end in 1777 with the famous Plaza del Mentidero, an iconic place for the world of carnival.

San Juan:

In the San Juan neighbourhood you can mentally transport yourself to Havana, as it is here that you will find the Malecón of Cádiz.
Located between the neighbourhoods of La Viña and El Pópulo, here you can visit the chapel of the Divina Pastora and the market square, which is very peculiar for its neoclassical-inspired architecture.

El Pópulo:

The oldest quarter of the city, where the cathedral and the Roman theatre are located. A large part of this neighbourhood was walled during the Middle Ages, hence the origin of its name, as on one of the walls was the figure of the virgin with a Latin phrase “Ora pro populo”.

La Viña:

A neighbourhood of humble origins, inhabited by fishermen.
Its name comes from the cultivation of vineyards that was carried out when the area was destined for orchards.
Closely linked to and present in the city’s carnival, this neighbourhood is one of the most representative of the festival.

In the La Viña neighbourhood you can visit the old Provincial Hospice, the castle of San Sebastián, the churches of La Palma and Santa Catalina, as well as the bastion of Los Mártires and Los Capuchinos. As icing on the cake, from this neighbourhood you can go to the famous Caleta beach.

Santa María neighbourhood

It was founded in medieval times, when the lack of space in the town meant that part of the population had to move to other places.
Its name comes from the old chapel of Santa María, which was later transformed into a convent.
Flamenco in character, many flamencologists refer to this neighbourhood as being responsible for the flamenco origins of Cádiz, one of the three cities (along with Granada and Seville) where a melting pot of cultures merged to sow the seeds of what we know today.
In the Santa María quarter you can visit the Palacio de Congresos, the Cárcel Real and the Church of Santo Domingo.
It is highly recommended to visit during Holy Week, as the fervour of faith is very present in its streets.

These are the most popular and picturesque neighbourhoods of Cádiz, the essential ones that fill the city with character.

Would you like to explore them on a daily basis?

If you want to live in Cádiz or have a second home in this city, now you can do it thanks to Gilmar.
In a beautiful refurbished building is the residential Conde O’Reilly 4, with one, two and three bedroom homes, the historical essence of the building has been maintained without neglecting the new trends.

For the rehabilitation of this residential building the best materials have been chosen, as well as the use of renewable energies.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Living in Cadiz no longer has to be a dream!

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