How to decorate a Beach House

Beach houses are often seen by many people as a holiday or temporary home between the hottest months of July and September. However, the options for decorating a beach house are multiple and can give incredible results that we would never imagine.

Thus, the beach house should not be seen only as a mere weekend or temporary location. If we really want this house to be seen as a place where we can create a home and feel at peace when we need to escape from the hectic life of the city, it will be necessary to decorate it for this purpose.

And since in our country we cover an important extension of the Mediterranean coast, it is time to join the “Mediterranean style” and see some ideas. Will you join us?

What is the Mediterranean style in decoration?

The Mediterranean style shares features with different countries in the Mediterranean basin and the way our neighbours in Italy, Greece, or Turkey decorate their homes. One of its main characteristics is its austerity (without going so far as minimalism), the contrast with the white and blue colours and the use of natural materials to give a sense of closeness.

casas mediterraneas con pintura blanca y azul

The aim is to transmit that these open and luminous spaces are attractive and functional places. A good way of transmitting this luminosity is the use of white on floors and walls, as Andalusian grandmothers used to do by mixing quicklime and water.

As far as furniture and chairs are concerned, the trend in this type of home is to use natural fibre, which will provide us with simplicity and austerity in an ideal marriage with the natural environment in which the summer houses are located.

Characteristic of the Mediterranean style is also the use of whitewashed and irregular walls or stairs in white. Reminiscences of typical Andalusian or Greek island houses are one of those points that we will look for when using this style in decoration.

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decorar una casa de playa con tonos blancos y contrastes

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How to decorate a beach house in bedrooms

The Mediterranean style should also be part of the decoration of the bedrooms, extending the colour white to the walls and sheets and creating textures that remind us of nature and the rustic.

A good complement is the decoration with ochre ceramics such as botijos, large vessels, chandeliers or furniture with textures that simulate old age on their surface.

Accompany the sheets and walls with white curtains. In some cases we can use textures that simulate lines or geometric figures. Let’s use a coloured dot on the bed to create contrast with the dominant white colour. A good option is navy blue or mustard colour, so fashionable during the last years.

Wood in ceilings or large beams will cause a nice effect that continues the rural and rustic line we look for in the whole beach house.

Decoration of bathrooms in beach houses

Mediterranean style bathrooms should use ceramics that simulate that rustic look we are looking for in the rest of the house. A very good option for floors is the use of polished cement, which gives a sensation of hardness but integration with the environment in which the beach house has been built.

We must take into account that the Mediterranean style is a mixture of colours such as blue and white, materials such as fibre and wood and spaces with soft and fresh air.

The whitewashed bathrooms, which use polished cement and large mirrors, will be a perfect combination for our Mediterranean style. Let’s use the wood as a way to give it that warm home feeling we are looking for.

Exterior decoration in a beach house

To know how to decorate a beach house outdoors, we must follow the same premise as indoors. When we find a white façade with touches of wood in the porch or other areas, we must look for the chromatic contrast with various elements.

decoracion de una casa de playa en exteriores

Some of them can be flowers, or textiles, with blue, reddish or mustard colours. Whitewashed headlights, torches or other forms of natural lighting can create a warm and welcoming space in these external areas of the house.

We can also play with water by including a beautiful fountain or a white basin that fits perfectly into the architectural structure of the beach house.

As for the porch we can continue to look for the rustic style that we are implementing throughout the house. Open ceilings with wooden beams, with a vine that climbs up the structure, large white benches that contrast with soft dark-coloured cushions and other ethnic textile details in multiple colours.

In the middle of this space reigns a large table on which we will light large candles or candleholders that will highlight the outside room as a place of relaxation and rest.

Brightness in the decoration of a beach house

Although the colour white will already give light to the house and the interior spaces, the sun is the absolute protagonist of the days in a beach house that faces the sea. For this reason, it is important to have large windows that allow light to pass through to the interior.

We can use light white curtains that blend in with the Mediterranean breeze and give that sensation of softness and light spaces that we want to give in the beach house.

Remember that in Gilmar we can guide you in the design and decoration of spaces to offer you constructive solutions according to your needs and tastes. Contact us!

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