New decoration trends 2021 for your home

It is likely that on occasions – due to tiredness or the search for more daring elements – you feel that you need to give a change of look to the entire decoration of your home. For this reason, we bring you a series of ideas for the new decorating trends 2021 that can be very useful if you have a large space that you can mould to your liking.

From minimalist styles and open spaces with warm tones, to overloaded styles that mix textiles, wood and plants, here is a compendium that can be useful if you are short of ideas.

Styles for decoration trends 2021

To make the most of the decoration of your home there are various decorative techniques that can range from the inclusion of textile elements, rustic furniture, to the use of colours according to the personal stamp that you want to transmit.

At Gilmar, a leading real estate agency with more than 37 years in the market, we can advise you on the exterior decoration of your terrace, penthouse or any other space you wish to renovate.

Here is a list of each of the styles that best suit your tastes and the space in your home. Do you want to get to know them? Let’s get to know them!


The Noretnic style is characterised by being a Nordic or Scandinavian style that seeks the warmth of a balanced environment. It is a decorative style that provides relaxed spaces and is committed to luminous and monochromatic spaces, but without the coldness of minimalism, far from all artifice.

Although it does not seek to overload the rooms with objects, it mixes ethnic and exotic touches with the well-known Nordic sobriety.
In addition to all of the above, it adds its palette of toasted and pastel colours, thus giving rise to this new Noretnic style, which is currently triumphing as a decorative trend.

Decoración de interiores con estilo Noretnic


The Mediterranean style cannot go unnoticed in Spain as it is one of the main styles that prevails in the south and east coastal area of Valencia and Catalonia.

In this style of decoration, the protagonist is the colour blue and rustic wooden furniture. This is one of the main preferences of every buyer when it comes to decorating a beach house

The blue colour, which serves as a counterpoint to the luminous white, is joined by flowers as the main decoration, with rosemary, lavender and jasmine taking precedence.

The textiles used for this type of decoration are usually linen or cotton. No doubt this style will make you relive over and over again those holidays you spent on the beach in your childhood and will bring back memories of Greek island homes.

Decoración de interiores con estilo Mediterráneo


The Boho Chic style is very different from the others as it reflects a free, unconventional, artistic, colourful and eclectic lifestyle.

“Boho” literally comes from “bohemian”, and unlike the Ibizan style, for example, there is a very important nomadic spirit in the boho-chic style.

Since then, the boho-chic style is related to spaces with a lot of personality and also a lot of style. It is mainly characterised by being a more “Free” style, meaning that you can mix what you have found during your travels and what you personally love, without necessarily relying on the classic rules of interior design.

In the boho spaces we can see influences of oriental style, ethnic style, the hippie style of the 70’s and the exotic style.

Textiles with ethnic features, large and hanging plants such as banana trees, philodendrons, Strelitzia, or birds of paradise dominate, and in terms of colours, white or beige to allow a wider play of colours with the textiles.

Decoración de interiores con estilo Boho-Chic


The shabby chic style originally comes from the British Victorian era and is known for its fusion between worn and elegant. It is a very feminine style where the main colour is white.

Its main materials are iron and wood, especially if they are worn, because of the antique and rustic atmosphere they provide. Although shabby (worn) and chic (luxurious) seem antagonistic concepts at first glance, in this decorative style they come together to provide a unique and peculiar contrast.

Decoración de interiores con estilo Shabby Chic


The most striking thing about Urban Jungle is that this decorative trend is born with the purpose of working as a therapy that helps mind and body to find a balance. In this way, it is no longer a mere decorative style but a therapeutic complement to interior design.

By using the green colour of plants and other furniture and accessories made of natural materials such as wicker and bamboo, it is hoped to respond to the increasingly dehumanised city and the greyness of its streets.

Contrary to other styles that advocate minimalism, the Urban Jungle is characterised by maximalism and an excess of vegetation in our home. While the intention of this new style is to make us feel connected to nature, we must also be aware of the search for balance and be able to find the middle ground between aesthetics and comfort.

Decoración de interiores con estilo Jungle

We hope that this brief guide on decoration trends for 2021 will give you some ideas on how to decorate your home. If you are still undecided, or don’t know where to begin the adventure of giving more personality to the rooms in your home, we at Gilmar can help you. Don’t hesitate to write to us!

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