The first Trocadero Flamenco Festival arrives in Sotogrande

Flamenco Festival Trocadero brings together for the first time in Sotogrande the great artists of the flamenco world such as Estrella Moriente, Diego el Cigala or Farruquito between June and August 2021.

Thanks to the progress of the vaccination, the Trocadero Group, a benchmark in the hospitality sector on the Andalusian coast, has been able to carry out this cultural initiative that was planned for the month of May.

This event has been sponsored thanks to Gilmar, a leading company in the real estate sector in Costa del Sol, providing a space for all our clients where they can see first hand some of the houses of their dreams.

Grupo Trocadero mesas
Space set up at Trocadero Sotogrande for Gilmar customers

We will be able to enjoy a total of twelve concerts that will delight lovers of this genre, under the artistic direction of El Perla y Tobalo and the director María de la Luz del Prado.

In order to fully guarantee security measures, the organisers will only offer for sale a small number of tickets, ranging from 200 to 400 people.

In addition, the concerts will be broadcast via streaming, i.e. online, so you can enjoy the different performances from the comfort of your own home.

Flamenco and a lot of art on the coast of Sotogrande

The artists performing at the first Flamenco Festival Trocadero in Sotogrande are:

·   Estrella Morente – 11 June

·   La Tremendita – 18 June

·   La Mari de Chambao – 1 June

·   Barbería del Sur – 9 June

·   Farru – 17 June

·   Lin Cortés – 23 June

·   Farruquito – 1 August

·   Remedios Amaya – 3 August

·   Navajita Plateá – 4 August

·   Diego el Cigala – 11 August

·   Israel Fernández y Diego del Morao – 18 August

·   Perla, Tobalo, La Tana, Rubio de Pruna, Juanfran Carrasco y demás artistas – 27th August

Cartel Festival Flamenco Trocadero

You can buy tickets for the Trocadero Flamenco Festival in Sotogrande from the following link.

Story about Flamenco Festival Trocadero in Sotogrande

For years, numerous flamenco concerts have been held in the attractive residential area of Sotogrande. But in 2021, with the Flamenco Festival project, the Trocadero Group made a firm commitment to flamenco as an artistic and cultural expression of reference on the Costa del Sol. A new and important event for the Cadiz coast, which will be programmed between June and August.

Grupo Trocadero en Sotogrande

The Trocadero Group affirms that this flamenco cycle in Cádiz aims to disseminate the art of flamenco as a whole so that it becomes an important event for the aficionados of this genre and consolidates itself – year after year – as a reference event.

Moreover, from this inaugural edition, the organisers of the Trocadero Flamenco Festival have turned to state-of-the-art streaming technology, both for the general public and on large screens.

From Gilmar Off Plan, a leading company in the real estate sector with more than 37 years of experience, we invite you to discover this magnificent festival and get to know the developments we offer in Sotogrande. We are waiting for you!

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