Buying a house in Sotogrande, a unique place in Andalusia

Sotogrande is a locality belonging to the municipality of San Roque, in Cadiz. Thanks to its location, climate, accessibility and exclusivity, it is one of the main residential areas in Spain and even Europe.

It currently has a population of more than 2,000 habitants, reaching almost 12,000 in high season, due to all the leisure and gastronomic activities available throughout the year.

If you are thinking of buying flats, villas or houses in Sotogrande we have different developments that are sure to suit your needs.

Why buy a house in Sotogrande?

This small village on the coast of Cadiz, bordering the province of Malaga, is a perfect place for a first or second home.

It is a unique enclave, as it has both the tranquillity of a place with little overcrowding and concentration of people, as can happen in other tourist places; and the availability of everything you can imagine to live: schools, hospitals, first class restaurants, beach, marina, golf courses

Buying flat or house in Sotogrande is a great investment that you will enjoy from the very first moment. Great personalities from different fields such as culture, politics or royalty reside here.

apartamentos en sotogrande - Gilmar

You will find properties of different prices, locations and services, depending on what you need, so do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you.

Where to live in Sotogrande?

Sotogrande is divided into several areas, very different from each other, which make them very exclusive:

1. Sotogrande Alto:

In this area there are 3 of the best golf courses on the Mediterranean coast, as well as being next to the Los Alcornocales National Park. An ideal place to do sport and enjoy nature.

2. Sotogrande Costa:

In this part of the area next to the Guadiaro river, you will find large and luxurious avenues, as well as the Real Club de Golf, with its own golf course for your entertainment.

3. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande:

For those who love day and nightlife, this area is where you will find bars, pubs, restaurants and shops, all right next to the sea.

4. La Marina de Sotogrande:

Also next to the marina, in this part of the urbanisation many of the properties have their own moorings in their homes. These Sotogrande homes with moorings are luxury properties with all kinds of facilities.

casa en sotogrande - La Marina de Sotogrande

5. La Reserva:

Also in the upper part of the urbanisation, next to the National Park. Here you will find large villas and residential areas designed for families.

What to see and do in Sotogrande?

As mentioned above, there are endless activities to do throughout the year, which is one of the reasons to live in Sotogrande:

  1. Golf: Sotogrande has 4 golf courses for golf lovers. But without a doubt the most outstanding is Valderrama, home of the 1997 Ryder Cup, and considered the best course in Europe.
  2. Polo: This is also one of its main attractions. During the year several international competitions take place, considered to be one of the most important, due to its level and facilities.
  3. Hiking: It is located next to the National Park of Los Alcornocales, and you can enjoy long walks and routes to observe the diversity of flora and fauna available.
  4. Water sports: Sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving… everything you need to enjoy a perfect day.
  5. Dolphin and whale watching: Being close to the Strait of Gibraltar the sighting of these animals is frequent, and in few places you will be able to find them.
  6. Birdwatching: In Sotogrande you will find the Guadiaro Estuary and the Torreguadiaro Lagoon, where you will find more than 500 different species, due to the fact that the Strait of Gibraltar is the most important passage for birds migrating to Africa.
  7. Beaches: There are up to 5 beaches for the enjoyment of bathers, some of which are practically deserted, a marvel for those in search of peace and relaxation.
casa en sotogrande - Puerto Deportivo - Gilmar

But if you are planning a trip away, excursions can be organised to visit other nearby towns such as Gibraltar, Tarifa, Marbella or Ronda.

What to eat in Sotogrande?

Sotogrande is one of those places that has it all, entertainment, nature, sea, exclusivity and gastronomy, of course.

For the enjoyment of all its residents, in Sotogrande you will find restaurants of different types of cuisine: Japanese, Peruvian, Indian, Italian, fusion, Mediterranean… and as is logical in a place near the sea, beach bars and seafood restaurants where you can eat the best fish and seafood.

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