How an estate agent can help you sell your home

If you are thinking of selling your house or have already decided to do so, you should know the different options you have and, above all, which is the most suitable.

The best way for you to achieve a successful sale is to rely on the services and help of an estate agent . The training and specialization of this type of professionals is essential so that the transaction is closed in an suitable way for your best interests, obtaining the maximum possible profit.

Advantages of relying on an estate agent

The support of an estate agent is very valuable. Selling a property is a complex process and it has many aspects. It doesn’t consist solely in publishing an advertisement, but also requires thorough study which involves many different areas.

Of course, the main one is to specify the sale price of the property. You can have some expectations due to its cost when you bought it, its condition, or the area where it is located, but they are still mere speculation. In terms of how to value your property, the person who knows best is a professional in the sector, knowledgeable about the market and able to value it in order to maximize your profit.

This step is essential, because adjusting the start price properly will facilitate the sale. If you decided to do it yourself, you could possibly ask for too much, delaying the sale and being forced to lower your price over time. Or maybe you would not ask for enough, and you could end up selling it without making as much profit.

More experience, more and better contacts

These estate agents have access to the most exclusive publications and webpages. This ensures the impact of your ad on people who are really interested. This is what happens on the Gilmar website, with more than 70,000 monthly visits. Besides, the estate agents of this firm are present at fairs and events highlighted nationally and internationally, in addition to having advertisements in the major media.

Friendly service

Another aspect in which you will notice the benefits of an estate agent will be their proximity. These professionals get involved and visit you personally. Not only are they responsible for carrying out the appraisal, but they will take the best photographs of your home, prepare a complete and detailed file, and look for the most appropriate target audience for it.

Subsequently, they deal with all the necessary procedures in every stage of the sale: from negotiations with the different financial entities to obtaining the essential certificates, such as that of energy efficiency or the absence of debts with your community of neighbours. And they will continue to help you if you want to reinvest the money in a new home.

Sell your house with the help of a professional

If you are going to sell your house, have the support of a professional in the field. Their comprehensive assistance, from start to finish, is paramount when it comes to achieving a good profit and finding the best property on which to spend it.

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