Learning Spanish in Malaga for adults

If you’re thinking about learning Spanish, travelling to Malaga and taking a path through Spanish culture may be the first step towards your goal. You shouldn’t need reasons to do so, since this language is the third most spoken in the world, just behind English and Chinese. Not only can it offer more professional opportunities in Spain but it opens doors to Latin America or even the United States because of how close it is to Latin culture there.

Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is that, if you want to get Spanish nationality, you need to speak this language to obtain it.

You won’t have any problem in reaching your goal. Given that Spanish is one of the languages with one of the highest number of speakers in the world, you will find numerous resources, academies and places where you can start this learning, which you will master in a few months.

Learning Spanish in Malaga for adults
Learning Spanish in Malaga for adults

If you’re a little lost in the search for the best places to immerse yourself in learning the language, we will make your job easier.

Places to learn Spanish

You have a huge range of institutions that offer you Spanish for adults courses. The following are some ideal centres for learning Spanish:

 AIFP: this academy has a great reputation for beginners of the language. They support different innovations and have prices adapted to your needs. We recommend you to go to Doña Enriqueta Street in the capital of Malaga for more information.

– University of Malaga: surely you’ll ask yourself: university? I haven’t been there for ages! Where do I get the time? Well, that’s no problem since this university campus has a language centre at your disposal where you can sign up and where they will teach you Spanish from your baseline level.

– Campus Idiomático: it stands out for its variety of services and for being able to prepare you for official qualifications that will be useful for you in any country. Walk by the historic centre in the city and ask for more information. One positive aspect is that they offer you the possibility to do leisure and cultural tasks related to learning the language. It’s ideal that you go out and put everything you have in your head into practice.

Other options

It’s so positive to meet people and start talking to everyone that it would be ideal to visit some bars in the city to engage in conversation and practise the language with natives and people of different nationalities.

If you fancy going for tapas or eating fast food, an interesting place would be Anbata Irish Pub. Another interesting restaurant is The Shakespeare, a well-known space with craft beer which has excellent reviews in Malaga. Get ready to start the great adventure of learning Spanish. We are waiting for you in Spain with open arms!

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