Marbella 2021: what to see and do

Marbella has become the main tourist city on the Costa del Sol over the last few years due to its glamour and sun and beach offer. That is why the list of activities on what to see and do in Marbella this 2021 is going to be demanded by hundreds of tourists, both national and international.

Located in the south of Spain, this city in the province of Malaga has managed to attract thousands and thousands of international tourists thanks above all to one of its main attractions: Puerto Banús.

This marina, which has become a luxury tourist destination, has top brand boutiques, first class restaurants and accommodation overlooking the sea.

However, Marbella has a great cultural wealth beyond Puerto Banús, and that’s why we want to tell you in our guide what to see and do in Marbella so you don’t miss anything in 2021.

What kind of climate does Marbella have?

Atardecer en Marbella

One of the key features of Marbella, and in turn of Malaga, is undoubtedly its majestic climate.

Marbella has one of the best climates in Europe, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, thanks to the characteristics of its climate, it is possible to visit Marbella at different times of the year, although the most recommendable is undoubtedly the summer season, perfect for enjoying its numerous beaches, nautical activities or some of its exclusive Beach Clubs.

What to do in Marbella 2021?

Below, we are going to show you a complete list of the best places and sites to see and do in Marbella in 2021 if you are visiting the city for the first time.

Casco antiguo de Marbella

Casco antiguo de Marbella

Although Marbella is known for its beaches, luxury, glamour and leisure, the city has a beautiful old town, making it one of the most spectacular in the city of Malaga.

Along the way, you can see the different white façades and buildings characteristic of Andalusian culture, adorned with a multitude of flowers and flowerpots, giving a very colourful tone to the different streets.

And speaking of streets, along them you will find different shops related to local fashion and handicrafts, so if you want to do some shopping, we recommend you visit them.

In addition, the alleys of Marbella’s old town hide charming little squares, such as Plaza África, Plaza de la Victoria or the famous Plaza de los Naranjos, which we are going to tell you about below.

Plaza de los Naranjos

Plaza de los Naranjos de Marbella

Built by order of the Catholic Monarchs in 1485, the Plaza de los Naranjos is located in the centre of the old town surrounded by historic buildings from the 16th century:

·       Marbella Town Hall, in Renaissance style.

·     The Ermita de Santiago, a religious building dating from the 15th century.

·       The Casa del Corregidor, a stately home with a stone facade dating from 1552.

A perfect place to relax and unwind in a cosy atmosphere.

Walls of Marbella Castle

Muralla del castillo en Marbella

Finishing the area of the old town, we find the walls of the castle of Marbella, which stand out for their great state of preservation and for being the last remains of the Muslim period in the city.

Parque de la Alameda

If you like nature or want to take a break from a day of sightseeing, the Parque de la Alameda is ideal for relaxing and at the same time observing its enormous vegetation. In its central area is the Fuente de la Virgen del Rocío, designed in 1762 and which stands out for being surrounded by large trees.

Avenida del Mar

Avenida del Mar de Marbella

On the way from the Alameda Park to the promenade, you will come across the Avenida del Mar, a huge promenade with the famous bronze sculptures designed by Salvador Dalí, the 20th century painter and main representative of surrealism.

Up to 10 sculptures can be seen and photographed exclusively on this pedestrian avenue that serves as a bridge between the city and the beach.


To talk about Marbella is to talk about its beaches and its enormous promenade, one of the best promenades in Malaga.

The pedestrianised promenade allows you to enjoy the sea views by bicycle, doing sport or simply walking. Among the beaches along the promenade are Playa de la Fontanilla, an urban beach specialising in water sports, and Playa del Faro, very close to the Marbella Marina.

Puerto Banús

We end our little guide with the obligatory stop on your visit to Marbella: Puerto José Banús, better known as Puerto Banús internationally.

Inaugurated in 1970, this marina is known for its luxurious yachts, exclusive cars and numerous boutiques of brands such as Gucci, Dior or Luis Vuitton.

Puerto Banús

It also has a wide variety of restaurants and nightclubs that are not suitable for all budgets.

However, you will be able to enjoy the beach of Puerto Banús, considered the best beach in Marbella, without having to pay anything.

Conclusion: Is Marbella worth a visit?

Visiting Marbella in 2021 is a winning option that you will never regret if you are visiting for the first time.

It is a perfect city for everyone, whether you like to enjoy its beaches or its natural spaces and historic centre.

We hope our recommendations have helped you to increase your desire to visit this wonderful city. Let us know in the comments if you are planning a trip to Marbella or if we have left out any interesting attractions to mention.

If you want to know the best new developments in Marbella, do not hesitate to contact one of our agents and we will get in touch with you.

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