New build in Sotogrande is the main property market

New build properties in Sotogrande are becoming increasingly popular in the property market, so now is the time to buy a property in the most exclusive luxury urbanisation on the Andalusian coast, as we explain below.

Have you ever heard of Sotogrande and all the charm this area has to offer? To think of Sotogrande is to breathe tranquillity, peace and good weather. This excellent location, situated in Cádiz (specifically in San Roque), allows us to enjoy unique beaches, bordering on excellence.

In addition, we should not forget the exquisite and varied gastronomy that reigns in the town, becoming one of the great attractions of this region of the Andalusian coast.

Sotogrande is home to just over 2,500 people. Undoubtedly, a truly relaxing area where the most famous people in the world decide to spend a few days enjoying the surroundings of the Guadiaro Valley.

Located in Cádiz, belonging to the municipality of San Roque in the region of Campo de Gibraltar and with the Guadiaro Valley as the true guardian of this dream place. It has a very good location, as it is only 20 minutes from the Costa del Sol, 116 km from Malaga and 122 km from Cadiz.

Do you dare to come to Sotogrande and get to know this area like never before?

Our agents will help you in everything you need in case you want to come to buy a new property in Sotogrande. For any questions or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking for a new build property in Sotogrande?

From Gilmaroffplan we have a residential complex ideal for people looking for tranquillity, good gastronomy and green areas where there will be no lack of leisure activities such as (polo, golf, hiking, water sports among others), such as the Pier Residential Complex.

New housing and a residential complex in full swing

As we have already mentioned, the Sotogrande property market is booming due to all the possibilities offered by this unique and exclusive environment.

The growth that we have been able to experience in this area has been phenomenal. The great magnates and the incessant tourism has allowed Sotogrande to continue to be one of the most visited destinations in Cadiz.

In addition, the great variety of localities, such as the Costa del Sol, Gibraltar, Tarifa or San Roque, allows for some adventure in the surrounding area.

A wide range of new-build properties is on the increase. According to data, in 2021 the real estate market in Sotogrande has been “in crescendo” positioning itself as one of the preferred destinations and it is expected that in 2022 these data will continue to improve.

All this is conditioned by the good climate that prevails in the locality, the great investment that is being made and the wide range of luxury that this place offers us.

A very well communicated urbanization with countless services for the population that make life easier to feel comfortable and happy.

Discover new build properties : Pier Sotogrande

One of the most appealing options to get to know Sotogrande is to buy a new build property in the Pier Residential. An exclusive residential project consisting of two buildings and 56 apartments with magnificent views of La Marina de Sotogrande, located in a private urbanisation with swimming pool.

It offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and the possibility of transforming two flats into spacious 4 or 5 bedroom apartments. Living in the most luxurious urbanisation in the south of Spain is a dream come true.

The residential with nautical lines is integrated in the marvellous landscape of the Marina, next to the port. A quiet area, with all amenities and close to the restaurant area.

Why should you choose Sotogrande for a great stay?

If you are looking for a quiet place, an enviable climate and a multitude of activities to do, you have come to the paradisiacal place.

A very hospitable atmosphere with endless possibilities to do and enjoy in Sotogrande.

With a strong focus on tourism and the hospitality sector, Sotogrande is a very appealing option to disconnect, surround yourself with nature and live away from the crowds and the stress of everyday life. Therefore, buying a property in Sotogrande is an option to consider if you want to enjoy exclusivity and a quiet life.

Practically all year round, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant temperature and a cheerful atmosphere surrounded by nature and endless leisure options.

The port of Sotogrande and its majestic luxury that reigns in Andalusia.

It may look like just another seaport but the thought of it is misleading. The Port of Sotogrande impresses with its atmosphere, the glamour it exudes and its people. Undoubtedly, a unique plan to enjoy this summer.

It has all kinds of services and entertainment, from hotels, restaurants and shops to gyms, beauty centres…

In addition to the numerous mooring areas and slipways, it has a heliport, a sailing school and the Real Club Marítimo de Sotogrande, which undoubtedly make this area a highly recommendable place to disconnect for a few days.

Activities to enjoy in Sotogrande, what can I do?

Apart from buying a new property in Sotogrande and spending a few weeks of your dreams, there are also different ways to entertain yourself and have a good time with your loved ones.

For experts and golf fanatics there are some of the best and most important golf courses in the world. Examples are the San Roque Club, Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande or the Valderrama Golf Club, where the Ryder Cup was held.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of water activities, you are in the perfect place for it. In Sotogrande, you will find a fantastic coastline, with green paths being the only subtropical forest in Europe (Los Alcornocales) and endless possibilities to spend your holidays.

Here you will have at your disposal thousands of adventures to enjoy at sea with your family or friends. Renting a boat is one of the best options.

Nor can we forget other well-known activities in this area. It is very important to highlight the practice of polo. It is another very interesting alternative to spend a pleasant and enjoyable time thanks to the clubs that exist, such as Santa María Polo and Ayala Polo. Undoubtedly something not to be missed.

Finally, and as a great attraction, we have the possibility of spending a magnificent day on the beaches of Sotogrande. This is a very good option as they are not at all too crowded and overcrowded as other areas in Spain.

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