Luxury dining: Michelin star restaurants in Tenerife

It is no coincidence that one of the best tourist destinations in Spain can boast of having, along with sun, beach and one of the most envied climates in Europe, some of the most renowned Michelin star restaurants in Tenerife.

In this wonderful island you will find, among many other things, an exclusive gastronomy that will delight all tourists who are also foodies eager for new experiences.

If in recent post we told you which were the Michelin Star restaurants in Malaga, do you want to know the Michelin Star awarded restaurants in Tenerife this 2021?


If you are a fan of Japanese food, you will fall in love with this restaurant. Kabuki offers subtly different experiences; with a plus: its views of the resort and the Atlantic Ocean are spectacular.

It’s perfect for families if you have children over 6 years old. You can also choose from an extensive drinks menu and a fantastic collection of world-class wines, sake, beers and innovative Japanese fusion cocktails.

They take care of customer service in detail, and the menu and the exquisite fusion of flavors will invade your palate. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience!

restaurante estrella michelin en Tenerife abamakabuki


Martín Berasategui’s restaurant M.B. is the only restaurant in Tenerife with two Michelin Stars.

Its chef, Erlantz Gorostiza has taken Martin Berasategui’s vision very seriously, offering a Basque-inspired menu based on familiar flavors, providing an unforgettable culinary experience.

It is perfect to surprise your partner, its tasting menu leaves no one indifferent. In addition, you can request a custom tasting menu 24 hours before your evening, in case you have any kind of allergy or intolerance. Ready to surprise?

restaurante Mb estrella michelin en Tenerife


The Nub restaurant offers a wonderful mix of fusions, as the trajectory of its chefs converges a passionate history.

Fernanda Fuentes, born in Chile, with Andrea Bernardi, born in Italy, have created a very innovative staging, mixing their roots and respecting the main origins of Canarian gastronomy.

Can you imagine the fusion of flavors that awaits you in his restaurant?

This restaurant specializes in combining the new culinary techniques of the moment with the Canarian traditional flavors.

His team takes very seriously the care of local products, as well as their elaboration. El Rincón’s cuisine (in Juan Carlos’ own words), “is a logical, well-founded and coherent cuisine in which the diner can clearly appreciate the flavors; without disguises or techniques or presentations that sacrifice the essence of the dish”.

Restaurante Nub en Tenerife


Last but not least… here’s another Japanese restaurant in Tenerife that will awaken all your senses.

Kazan is famous for its Japanese cuisine and its adjusted prices for what is usually a tasting menu in a Michelin star restaurant.

We can say that the Kazan restaurant is an expert in choosing the freshest product to prepare its dishes. Its menu is very well worked, offering different flavors and a first class service.

Restaurante Kazan en Tenerife

If after reading this post you’ve worked up an appetite, we suggest you try one of these restaurants that make fusion and the treatment of local products a true work of art. Let us know what you think!

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