Route of chiringuitos to eat fish in Andalusia

Andalusia has 910 kilometres of coastline that are impossible to understand without its characteristic chiringuitos.

Eating fish on the beach during sunny summer days is one of the pleasures that no tourist or local is willing to miss out on during the summer season.

Because of this high demand for this type of restaurant, we have written this route of chiringuitos to eat fish in Andalusia. Read on!

What is a chiringuito?

A chiringuito, also known as beach bars, is a beachside restaurant where you can have a drink or a meal, usually fish or seafood.

Initially they had a more concise aesthetic, but with the passage of time and their popularity with the public, their image has evolved towards more modern or traditional themes, but without changing their ultimate aim: eating on the beach.

Strictly speaking, chiringuito means kiosk or open-air drinks stall, something that makes the more traditional and humble origins quite evident, bearing in mind that they started in Andalusian fishermen’s neighbourhoods.

These restaurants are nowadays acclaimed by both tourists and those who are lucky enough to own a property in the Andalusian coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol.

These are some of the most renowned chiringuitos along the Andalusian coast. Bon apetit!

La Milla Marbella – Marbella, Málaga

Foto exterior del chiringuito La Milla Marbella

This project, headed by chef Luis Miguel Menor, is a beach bar in Marbella that serves traditional dishes such as lobster paella, arroz caldoso or the typical espetos.

It also has a spectacular wine cellar with more than 400 references of national and international wines which, together with its cocktail bar, leaves no one indifferent.

El Caleño –  Málaga

Foto exterior del restaurante El Caleño

This chiringuito in Malaga, located in Pedregalejo, one of the most characteristic fishermen’s neighbourhoods in the city, has been providing exquisite service to diners for more than 30 years.

Its usual offer of all kinds of fish, together with the more traditional dishes such as Gazpachuelo malagueño, make this establishment one of the favourite options for eating on the beach.

Chambao Beach –  Aguadulce, Almería

This establishment stands out for its perfect fusion between international cuisine and the traditional element implicit in all Andalusian chiringuitos.

Located in Aguadulce, in the tourist town of Roquetas de Mar, a visit to this restaurant is a must for any diner in search of the best flavours right on the beach.

El Tintero –  El Palo, Málaga

Foto del cartel del Tintero, uno de los mejores chiringuitos de Málaga

Undoubtedly, being one of the most characteristic, a visit to this peculiar chiringuito is a must if you are looking to eat fish in Malaga.

The way they order dishes is a far cry from the traditional way. Waiters walk around carrying different fish dishes and, by simply calling the waiter, will serve that dish for the diners to enjoy on the spot.

The way of calculating the price is also quite peculiar, given that, to the cry of “and I charge”, a waiter offers himself to be called to settle the accounts. These accounts will consist of, given that all the dishes have the same price according to their size, the waiter will only count the number of dishes in order to calculate the final price.

Tradition, peculiarity and good taste come together in this chiringuito to make it a point of interest at all levels.

Restaurante Chiringuito Casa Emilio – Salobreña, Granada

Foto exterior de Casa Emilio, uno de los mejores chiringuitos de Granada

Specialising in seafood, Mediterranean and tropical food, this chiringuito owes its fame to the best of reviews: that of the thousands of users who pass through its service.

It has a 5-star rating on both Google reviews and TripAdvisor. In fact, it has the Traveller’s Choice award from the latter platform for its positive reviews and for being among the top 10% of establishments on this application.

Nahú Beach – Cádiz

Foto exterior de Nahú Beach

This establishment has a wide variety of offerings, mainly consisting of the typical menu of fried fish, so characteristic of the Cadiz coast. It also offers products such as tataki, ribs or woks, which are less common in beach bars.

One of its added values is the possibility of eating in the hammocks located on the beach itself, making it one of the most popular beach bars in Cádiz.

Casa Rufino – Isla Cristina, Huelva

Foto del interior de Casa Rufino

Being a reference in the whole province, they are specialists in fish such as sea bass or grouper. They also master all cuts of bluefin tuna, their main speciality, and are part of the Asociación Amigos del Atún (Friends of Tuna Association).

All this, together with its homemade desserts and more than 90 varieties of wine, make it a point of interest at regional level.

Mandala – Tarifa, Cádiz

Foto interior del chiringuito Mandala Tarifa, uno de los mejores chiringuitos de Cádiz

One of the best beach bars in Tarifa, the Mandala restaurant is a bit of a departure from the traditional. With a modern and international style, it has a different aesthetic from the usual, with hammocks and Balinese beds around a swimming pool that gives the possibility to cool off before or after the meal.

Its food, which has an outstanding touch of personality and exquisite presentation, has become a frequent reason to visit during the summer.

These are some of the ones we have chosen, but we know there are many more to add to this list, so tell us which ones should be on your list!

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