Second home in Gran Canaria, a great investment

When buying a second home, we must not only look at the appearance of it, we must also take into account other factors such as: the location, the size, what we are going to do with it…

Gran Canaria is an island that enjoys many qualities, temperature, tranquillity, good atmosphere, beach and much more, so buying a second home there is a great investment.

Taking into account these references, from Gilmar Off Plan we want to show you the advantages of having a second home in Gran Canaria and the great investment you can make with it.

Why buying a second home in Gran Canaria can be so profitable?

The Canary Islands stand out for their spectacular climate, their vitality, their peace and calm, without forgetting the warmth and hospitality of their people.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the 10 most populated cities in Spain, with a population of around 380,000 inhabitants, all the services of a capital city and a wide range of leisure activities.

It is a tourist enclave of reference in all parts of the world, visited by an average of 15 million people every year, attracted by the charm of an island that never goes out of fashion. This is an indicator of profitability, because if you have a second home in Gran Canaria you can rent it for a short period of time to visitors.

Tourism is the island’s main source of income, with many people coming to the island from mainland Spain to work in this sector for long periods of time.

If you want to earn a smaller extra monthly income, but with less headaches, renting out your second home to professionals in the tourism sector or other sectors is also very profitable.

After the pandemic, remote working became fashionable, and it seems to be here to stay. Digital nomads have the possibility to work from anywhere in the world, and Gran Canaria is one of the most demanded for all its advantages.

Obviously the comfort of working from home is not comparable to that of a hotel, but if you want to rent your second home in Gran Canaria on a quarterly or biannual basis, this is another good option.

Gran Canaria offers:


One of the great reasons why most people decide to move to the Canary Islands is because of the pleasant climate.

In Gran Canaria the average temperature is 22ºC, so the winter is mild and during the summer the heat is not oppressive. In addition, the sky is usually cloudless and there is hardly any rainfall.

Thanks to this type of climate, you can indulge in many outdoor activities and enjoy an island that has sea, mountains and a lot of culture.

Spectacular beaches

When people talk about the Canary Islands, the first thing they think of is the spectacular beaches, so for those who love the beach… Gran Canaria is the place to be.

On the island, you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy beaches and coves all year round, in fact, living there means you’ll be living within walking distance of the sea.

Cleanest air in Spain

Gran Canaria is the city with the cleanest air in Spain, but why? Well, that is thanks to the winds that blow between the tropics of the island, causing the air in the city to be continuously renewed. So much so that there are OMS studies that validate this.

Leisure activities

In Las Islas de Gran Canaria you will be able to enjoy different activities, have fun in its nightlife, go hiking in its wide green areas, discover the seabed, taste a varied and quality gastronomy, plans that are suitable for families with children as well as for adults.

Tax rates

Another important value to take into account if you want to buy a second home in Gran Canaria is the price of living there.

In the Canary Islands the value added tax is only 7% (IGIC) whereas in mainland Spain it is 21% (VAT).

These are some of the reasons why Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the place chosen by many people every year, whether to spend a few weeks of holidays, to buy a second home, or a permanent home after retiring from the world of work.

Viviendas para invertir en Gran Canaria

Are you convinced by all the qualities of Gran Canaria? At Gilmar we make it easy for you, as we have new properties for sale in different parts of the island so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

La Fábrica de Hielo Residential Estate

Buying a newly built property in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in a privileged location is a great investment. Gilmar markets the residential La Fábrica de Hielo in Puerto de La Luz. Close to the city centre and all its services, with sea views, where you can enjoy all year round thanks to its wonderful climate.

It has properties with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, with storage room and with the option of a garage space.

The residential will have the highest quality materials, so that you can enjoy a comfortable, classy home in a spectacular location.

Las Canteras

Gilmar has minimalist style flats where every detail has been taken care of for your comfort.

The building is located just a few metres from Las Canteras beach (as its name suggests).

Ideal flats with the perfect location for urbanites who love the sea.

Don’t think about it, buy a second home in Gran Canaria, and make the investment of your life.

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