Flamenco Nights on the Costa del Sol

If we can say that the epicentre of the birth of flamenco is in Cadiz as its universal cradle, it was obvious that due to its proximity this popular art would have a great impact on the border province of Malaga and the entire Costa del Sol.

The role that Malaga played in the development of flamenco singing during the 19th and 20th centuries was important to the extent that it gave rise to a large number of singers and the poet Antonio Machado affectionately called it ‘Malaga the singer‘.

Some of the key figures of flamenco singing in Malaga were the great Juan Breva, El Canario de Álora, El Perote, La Trini, La Rubia, La Águeda, La Juanaca, El Pena padre or El Cojo de Málaga, to name but a few. In flamenco dancing, Malaga had an artist known as Cuenca, who was recognised in the specialised press of the time.

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Importance of Flamenco in Malaga

There were dozens of small bars and restaurants where it was common to see a good flamenco show in Malaga throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in the city centre. At that time, the peñas flamencas were not very well regarded by ‘high society’ due to their reputation as liberals and the ‘libertine’ behaviour of the singers and dancers.

flamenco show marbella

One of the most popular places to see flamenco in Malaga in the 20th century was the ‘Café de Chinitas‘, which was founded in 1836 and was located in one of the entrances to the Plaza de la Constitución. The fame of this café was so well known that even the Granada poet Federico García Lorca dedicated some verses to it after a night out.  It is still possible to pass in front of the café and see a plaque with the poet’s verses.

Nowadays, although the genre has lost some of its popularity – especially among young people – you can find several places where you can see flamenco in Malaga accompanied by a good sweet wine from the land and some tapas of Malaga’s gastronomy.

Where to see Flamenco on the Costa del Sol

There are several well known venues for the local and international public to come and see a good flamenco show on the Costa del Sol. Although most are paid and include drinks and dinner, there are also dozens of activities and events that are usually organised by the different town halls and can be enjoyed in the open air.

The best known places to enjoy a good night’s flamenco on the Costa del Sol are the following

H3 Kelipé (Málaga)

Kelipé is a cultural and local centre dedicated to the Flamenco show which is located in the historical centre of Málaga, very close to the Thyssen Museum and the Plaza de la Constitución. The show consists of recitals by 5 artists who perform a journey through the art of flamenco.

Your basic ticket includes a drink in a 1 and a half hour show for a price of 25€. Small family-run establishment whose aim is to transmit all the purity of this art.

Tablao Los Amayas (Málaga)

It is without doubt one of the best known places to see a flamenco show in Malaga city. In a very central location next to the exclusive Muelle1, you can enjoy a family show called Picasso and Flamenco! with a cast of top level artists and under the direction of Sensi Amaya.

Your basic ticket with drink costs 25€, in a place that has been modernized over the years and is perfectly prepared for national and foreign tourists.

tablao amayas flamenco malaga

Flamenco Benalmádena (Benalmádena)

Benalmádena is one of the most charming towns on the Costa del Sol. As well as having extensive beaches which end in a viewpoint at El Balcón de Europa, this small town near the capital keeps the essence of flamenco alive thanks to Flamenco Benalmádena.

An economic show of 15 euros and one hour of duration, which includes a drink. The dancers have been trained in Seville and represent the “Flamenco Tradicional” performance

Flamenco Marbella (Marbella)

Flamenco Marbella is a beautiful venue located in the centre of the exclusive city of Marbella, inside the Momo Escuela de Artes. The atmosphere of the premises maintains the essence of this Andalusian art with people who will attend to the visitor with total kindness.

The Marbella flamenco show is original and “traditional“, diversified with various cultures such as South America, India and others from around the world, making it clear that flamenco is a universal art form. The basic ticket costs 25 ? for one hour.

flamenco marbella

Traditional Flamenco Guitar (Ronda)

The beautiful city of Ronda is another guarantee of flamenco on the Costa del Sol thanks to Celia Morales’ show “Traditional Flamenco Guitar”. This beautiful show combines the passion of the flamenco art with the wonderful sound of the Spanish classical guitar.

In this one-hour show, we will see the great flamenco performer Celia Morales taking a tour of the history and the palos of flamenco with a brief explanation of each piece. This show has a price of one hour and lasts one hour.

Restaurante Tipi Tapa (Fuengirola)

The beautiful and touristic Fuengirola also has a restaurant specialized in flamenco show on the Costa del Sol. Tipi Tapa restaurant has been dedicated to the hotel and flamenco sector for 15 years, with a wide range of premises to receive the public, both local and international.

Its show features the dancer Manuel Alcalde, two female dancers, a singer and a guitarist. The 1-hour show costs 20 euros with a drink, and there is the possibility of accompanying it with some tapas for the price of 35 euros.

Flamenco art museum of Malaga

In addition to these premises that we have mentioned previously, within the 40 museums that the city of Malaga has to offer, there is the Museum of Flamenco Art. This art gallery is located inside the Peña Juan Breva in Malaga, which is dedicated to the life and work of this great Malaga singer.

flamenco malaga

The collection includes a beautiful collection of Spanish guitars, 2000 records of flamenco music, paintings and a large archive of flamenco research. Its ground floor works as a flamenco peña, offering different types of activities such as flamenco shows, dance shows, or other representations.

The price of 25 euros includes entrance to the Museum, a live flamenco show in Malaga, a glass of Moscatel wine and an aperitif.

So now you have everything you need to spend a beautiful night of flamenco on the Costa del Sol and to clap your hands to the beat of the music and dance. Oleee!

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