The best places to retire to in Spain

Living out your retirement in Spain is one of the best options for you. Spain is an ideal country for this life stage. This is based on the latest report in International Living. Spain is a country where you can live with peace of mind, with one of the world’s best healthcare systems, and which offers high quality services at very competitive prices. In addition, it is known for the quality of its beaches, with excellent waters.

The best places in Spain: the Costa del Sol

Within Spain, the Costa del Sol stands out above all other areas as somewhere a couple can be comfortably off for about 1,600 euros per month. The main nationalities of people who live out their retirement on the Costa del Sol are British, followed by Germans and Russians.

Retirement in Spain

What does the Costa del Sol have to offer?

With 300 days of bright sunshine, it is one of the most pleasant areas of Spain. The average temperature of the area all year round is 19 ºC. Just picture this, what a treat! The Costa del Sol can be divided into two zones.

The western zone includes Málaga, Torremolinos, Mijas, Marbella and Manilva. In Málaga capital, there are 15 beaches with excellent waters to enjoy. The beaches of Mijas have won awards for their crystal-clear waters and Torremolinos’ 6 km of beaches is one of the most multicultural places in Spain.

The Eastern zone includes Málaga, Rincon de la Victoria and Nerja. It stands out for its high standard of living. There are a large number of coves near towns such as Nerja and they all have the services necessary for the greatest user-comfort.

The best transport in Europe

With important airports such as Málaga’s, the Costa del Sol can be reached from anywhere in Europe, and the world. It will be very easy for you to return to your home country whenever you need to. This is a major plus!

The roads in the area link the Costa del Sol with the rest of the country. In addition, it is an area with good public transport services, with buses and commuter trains.

The positive contribution of local cuisine


The cuisine of this area is based on the Mediterranean diet, with an abundance of pulses, fresh fish, vegetables and seasonal fruits. The local gastronomic culture invites you to go for tapas on the streets of the towns and villages of the Costa del Sol. Gambas al pil-pil (garlic prawns), fried fish, Iberian ham tapas, sardine skewers or Andalusian gazpacho are good examples of this culture.

The quality of its restaurants is world-renowned. Some have been awarded 8 Michelin stars, like the Sollo in Fuengirola, the Messina restaurant in Marbella or the Kabuki Rau in the town of Casares.

Cutting edge Spanish healthcare

Both public and private healthcare  offer some of the best care in the world. You need to have medical professionals and nurses on hand to help you if necessary.

And finally, retirement in Spain also offers you the pleasure of a wide range of leisure activities such as sports clubs (like golf), theatre and cinema, theme parks, shops and shopping centres.

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