Trends in decoration: the japandi style consolidates in 2021

The Nordic simplicity and functionality of the Scandi style merges with the warmth and harmony of the Zen spaces of the Wabi Sabi style. This exotic blend gives rise to a beautiful atmosphere of spirituality and comfort known as Japandi style.

An interior decoration trend that emerged in 2017 and that has consolidated itself in 2021 as one of the most demanded in all homes. If you want to find out more about this mix of styles, we will tell you about it.

The japandi style presents clean interiors through a design based on minimalism, the beauty of the functional and a serene approach to life. With this philosophy of life and decoration, spaces characterised by practicality, lightness and serenity are achieved. These characteristics match perfectly with the style of the exclusive properties offered in Gilmar Off Plan’s extensive catalogue.

Estilo Japandí

The Japandi style

When it comes to decorating a home, the aim is to achieve the greatest physical and emotional well-being in order to obtain a comfortable and welcoming home. The japandi style is aesthetics and functionality with a spiritual base that leads us to serene environments full of harmony.

To achieve a japandi style decoration it is necessary to take into account a series of elements such as the use of natural materials, functional and tidy spaces, low furniture and minimalist interiors without artifice.

Ceramic pieces and plants are recurrent elements in this type of decoration, which follows the use of a warm and neutral colour palette.

Minimalism without unnecessary ornamentation

Open, free-flowing spaces are one of the basic principles of the Japandi style. Interiors should be simple and functional, where every object has its own purpose.

In a japandi home there is no room for superfluous decoration.

A philosophy very much in line with what Gilmar Off Plan offers in its exclusive new-build properties. Spacious spaces where light and nature coexist in a minimalist way, giving rise to homes that provide room for every luxury detail.

According to Japanese philosophy, furniture should be low to encourage people to connect with the earth. Hence also the choice of accessories such as handmade ceramics and simple glass vases.

In keeping with one of the basic elements of Scandinavian style, indoor plants are often used in the Japandi style to add a hint of freshness, but always with a focus on quality over quantity.

Tendencias en decoración estilo japandí 2021

Colour palette

The premise of the Japandi style is the use of a warm, neutral colour palette in which brown and beige tend to be the predominant tones.

Being a fusion between the cold and bright Scandinavian colour scheme and the warm and natural Japanese one, this new trend in interior decoration also allows mixing cooler tones such as pink, blue and green.

We must not forget that these must form part of the same chromatic palette and always without overdoing it. The use of colours should not break the harmony or the minimalist approach that characterises this style.

At Gilmar Off Plan, a leading real estate agency in the property market with more than 37 years of experience, we are experts in making the most of lighting and space in our projects, thus creating successful environments for our clients.

Decoración Japandí

The decoration of a house should reflect the people who live in it. That is why we take into account aesthetic, functional and structural factors to achieve a point of balance to suit the client’s tastes.

There are many elements to take into account, so put yourself in the hands of Gilmar Off Plan to decorate your home and make your home a welcoming space in which the peace and harmony of Zen decoration is combined with the warmth of Scandinavian decoration.

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