Water sports in Malaga: what are they and where to practise them.

One of the sectors that is experiencing the greatest boom in recent years in Spain, is related to sports on the coast. As one of the main cities on a national level, the Costa del Sol offers a wide range of water sports in Malaga within the reach of any visitor.

The Costa del Sol is one of the places that offers the widest range of activities available to visitors in terms of both quality and quantity. In addition, its orographic variety, headed by extensive kilometres of coastline, gives Malaga a great variety in this offer, highlighting an infinity of nature sports, especially those related to water.

The best holidays doing sports in Málaga

El atractivo de la ciudad es perenne anualmente, pero si podemos destacar una época en la que Málaga cobra mayor vida y permite ser disfrutada al completo, es el verano. Durante estos meses es posible disfrutar de las actividades más refrescantes con unas temperaturas envidiables.

The attraction of the city is perennial every year, but if we can highlight a time when Malaga comes to life and can be enjoyed to the full, it is the summer. During these months it is possible to enjoy the most refreshing activities with enviable temperatures.

At Gilmar Off Plan we are aware of this and, for this reason, we offer an extensive catalogue of exclusive properties in the best locations on the Costa del Sol.

Paddle Surf

Paddle Surf en Málaga

One of the water sports that has experienced the greatest growth in recent summers is Paddle Surfing. As it lacks excessive fatiguing activity, together with its recreational nature in contact with the aquatic world, it becomes one of the best options on summer days. Moreover, it is a sport that you can do both individually and as a family. But remember, don’t forget to use sun protection!

The frequent tranquillity of the sea on the Costa del Sol makes Paddle Surfing in Malaga a safe bet on a day at the beach. The ease of practising it, added to the existing offer in all the coastal towns of Malaga, makes it one of the most accessible sports for visitors.


Surf en Málaga

Malaga’s position with respect to the winds of the strait, gives the Costa del Sol a passion for surfing that is being strongly increased. Although the waves are not of a disproportionate size, Malaga has the conditions to allow the practice of this sport at all levels. This makes it possible to see both beginners and more experienced surfers on the beaches as soon as the waves allow it.

Compared to the reality of a few years ago, today it is possible to find a wide range of companies in all municipalities that allow you to surf in Malaga at a very affordable price. In addition, they offer both the rental of all the necessary equipment and classes, in case you need them, in order to conquer the waves of Malaga.


Submarinismo en Málaga

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature that you can experience in coastal cities. The great biodiversity that the virgin seabed usually offers and the accessibility to enjoy them make this sport a must-mention option if we talk about water sports in Malaga.

The Costa del Sol has a wide variety of beaches, with the cliffs of Maro (Nerja) standing out as the most unspoilt and therefore offering a unique experience when it comes to scuba diving in Malaga.

Its unique natural state allows this location to be the ideal place to explore the depths, and it is very easy to find recreational companies that provide all the material, instructions and educational explanations about the species to be found in this natural paradise.

River Routes

No podemos olvidar la gran cantidad de rutas en diferentes ríos que nos ofrecen los distintos municipios de la ciudad. En nuestro post sobre las mejores rutas de ríos en Marbella, conocerás las rutas que no te debes perder en tu paso por Marbella.

We cannot forget the large number of routes on different rivers that the different municipalities of the city offer us. In our post about the best river routes in Marbella, you will learn about the routes that you should not miss during your stay in Marbella.

Kayak Routes

When we talk about enjoying a trip on the Costa del Sol, you can’t ignore the kayak routes on offer in Malaga.

Kayak rentals can be found in all the coastal towns and, with a few exceptions, on all the beaches. Moreover, many of them offer guided routes that are a unique experience for anyone who decides to try them.

One of the best known routes is, as in the previous case, Maro. Its cliffs in a maximum natural state, its marine biodiversity and its waterfall as the icing on the cake, make it one of the most recommended kayaking routes in Malaga.

Kayak como uno de los deportes acuáticos en Málaga

These are some of the many water sports in Malaga that you can enjoy. Tell us which ones you would dare to practice to cool off and enjoy the sunny summer days on the Costa del Sol.

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