Types of properties to buy in Sotogrande

Do you want to live or invest in Sotogrande, at Gilmar we give you a guide to the types of properties available to buy in Sotogrande.

Sotogrande is the most sought after luxury urbanization in the south of Spain, its privileged location, its proximity to the beach, the security it offers together with the tranquillity, have made it an ideal place to live all year round or to have a second home.
In addition to this, large real estate investors see it as a great opportunity, as owning a property in Sotogrande is synonymous with profitability.

What types of properties can be bought in Sotogrande?

In Sotogrande there are properties of different typologies, designs and ways of life, however we will explain each of them in detail.


On the beachfront or in the marina, close to the golf courses or overlooking the Alcornocales Park, in Sotogrande you can buy one and two bedroom flats. These flats are usually built in buildings of no more than three storeys, so as not to break the aesthetics of the luxury development.
They have a private parking area, and depending on where they are located they may also have garden areas and a communal swimming pool.
Perfect for holiday rentals if you want to invest in a property in Sotogrande, if you opt for a second home, it is ideal for holidays, and if you prefer to set up your home in the area, you will not regret it.


In Sotogrande there are beautiful private urbanisations of townhouses, both in the upper area (next to the Valderrama golf course) and on the coast.
These two-storey townhouses share common areas such as the swimming pool, paddle tennis courts or some landscaped areas, as well as having their own garden or outdoor patio.
They are an option for those who want to live all year round with their family, as living in a townhouse has the advantage of making more life with the neighbours, it is also an opportunity for investors, as in Sotogrande, in addition to holiday rentals, there is also a market of possibilities for families who come to live temporarily for work reasons.

Houses with their own jetty:

Located in the port area, these properties are in great demand. Mainly because of the luxury of being able to have your boat at hand, without the need to rent moorings, and on the other hand we are talking about houses whose construction is not very numerous.
The little Venice of Cádiz is an enclave of luxury and exclusivity in which profitability is inexhaustible, as is the quality of life.
Semi-detached homes with their own mooring, which you can access from your own home, 2 and 3 bedroom flats with impressive views, penthouses with solariums and large terraces, all with private garage, 24 hour security, communal swimming pool and garden areas.
Living in Isla Tortuga is a luxury that you can enjoy all year round or during your holidays. If you want a secure investment, Isla Tortuga is undoubtedly one of the best bets, as you can rent the house and the jetty independently.

Luxury Villas and Mansions:

The villas and mansions are located both in the upper and coastal areas of Sotogrande. Of large dimensions and exclusive designs, these villas have their own characteristics that make them unique.
They usually have a high number of bedrooms, between 5 and 7, and have their own swimming pool and gardens.
There are villas in minimalist style, others with colonial architecture, we can also find more Andalusian designs, and even those inspired by Arab constructions.
Built with high-end materials, these homes have the privacy and tranquillity that everyone dreams of.
If you are looking for luxury, exclusivity and tranquillity for your daily life, buying a villa or a mansion is the best choice. If you are an investor, villas and mansions are perfect for renting to families or well-known faces on holidays or for long periods of time.

At Gilmar we have properties of all types located in Sotogrande.
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