Costa del Sol beaches reopening as part of the release from lockdown

With more than 150 kilometres of beaches, the Costa del Sol is one of the regions attracting the most attention during the release from lockdown. As the weeks go by, temperatures are rising and restrictions on going out are being gradually relaxed, so of course, we are all wondering when we might be able to go to the beach like we used to.

Although sunbathing and recreational swimming won’t be allowed until phase three, since the beginning of May, most of the Malaga region has reopened their beaches for sport and taking children for a walk. If you want to find out the exact restrictions in your area, keep reading.

Open beaches on the Costa del Sol

If you are not sure about specific regulations in an area, the exact rules have been set by each city council. However, as a general rule, as the rules allow walks in nature, and most areas have interpreted that to mean they can open beaches, you are probably allowed to enjoy some time by the sea.

Here is an example of the general regulations in some parts of Malaga:


The capital’s beaches are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to take children under 14 and who live less than a kilometre away for a walk by the sea. The city hall’s statement allows walking only and they have asked people to use common sense.


This was one of the first towns to announce that the beaches would open for children to walk. The city council’s statement emphasises that swimming is prohibited and that people need to respect the government’s restrictions. They stress that people must respect social distancing, opening hours, time slots and the limit of one hour set out in the Royal Decree.


Mijas city council has also decided to open its beaches for walks, knowing that opening this natural space will reduce the risk of crowds in other parts of the city and minimise infection. The promenade is only open for access to the beach and, like in other areas, swimming is prohibited.


In a statement on Twitter, residents of this Malaga town were given permission for under 14s to go for a walk in public places, on beaches, in natural areas and green areas, and accompanied by an adult. Residents were also reminded to respect the rules and allow the local police to carry out their duties.

In short, the beaches of the Costa del Sol are gradually being adapted to government guidelines to allow people to enjoy them once again, and as soon as possible. The weather is slowly improving, which makes us want to go out more, so if you want to find out which activities are permitted in each phase, you should read the most recent information issued by each city council.

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