Mijas, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Travelling along the Costa del Sol is always a good idea. There are a large number of towns and places which you can’t miss. It’s always a good idea to be informed about everything a place can offer us. In this sense, it’s not necessary to cross our borders to find authentic paradises like those found here.

The south has always stood out for its beauty. Andalusia has that light and naturalness which is so attractive to tourists from all over the world. What they themselves call “art”. In this case, we tell you a little more about a place in Malaga province: Mijas.

Mijas, Malaga province

The municipality of Mijas has many places of interest you shouldn’t miss out on. In this place you’ll enjoy both the sea and the mountains, since like many other towns in the area it’s located on the side of a mountain. So, if what you’re looking for is a place with a wide variety of tourist activities, Mijas is the perfect place.

Surely on many occasions you’ve seen images of typical Andalusian white villages, which constitute an ideal picture. Well, you’re not wrong there: Mijas is one of them.

What to see in Mijas

If you go to Mijas, it’s clear you’ll never be bored. This town, located just 30 kilometres from Malaga, has many attractions for its visitors.

A fun donkey ride

Mijas is a town which still has donkey rides. Such traditional and unique places invite you to do unusual activities such as this. The “donkey taxi” is a picturesque way of exploring this town in Malaga.

An idyllic urban landscape

If you’ve ever walked through a town or city in Andalusia, you may have fallen in love with its cobbled streets, whitewashed facades and balconies and corrals full of flowers. A good option can be to enjoy these beautiful views in the afternoon.

A finger-licking destination!

Andalusian gastronomy is very well-known. In Mijas you can try many typical dishes of homegrown Andalusian food. You can’t miss trying a cold soup with designation of origin of white garlic and muscat grapes.

An incredible coast

Do you love the sea? If this is the case, you’ll be in paradise in Mijas. You can enjoy a wide variety of beaches and coves where you’ll be at home like a fish in water.

A cultural afternoon

The Andalusian coast is a region with a long history. Visiting its museums, church or hermitage is to inspire yourself with its history and its roots. Its House Museum and Ethnographic Museum will allow you to know much more about this municipality.

An overview of the world of bullfighting

The tradition of bullfighting is widespread throughout Andalusia. For this reason, visiting its beautiful bullring should be a mandatory stop, since it’s an unrivalled tourist spot.

We’re sure that after reading about the places of interest and activities you can do in Mijas, you’ll want to organise your next getaway to this charming little white town as soon as possible. Remember that, with Gilmar’s help, finding that dreamy coastal place to set up home is possible!

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