Estepona Boosts House Sales in Málaga

Estepona is changing, or rather, it is undergoing a remarkable reconfiguration of its real estate market in the last decade. Specifically, there’s increasing dynamism in its house sales sector.

We can say that the Costa del Sol is the cause, as this coast has become a prominent option for selling and buying houses and homes in Estepona.

It’s no longer a hidden treasure, and now it has become a real estate epicenter for Estepona (and for Málaga too), thanks to its combination of natural beauty, expanding infrastructure, and cutting-edge, high-quality residential projects.

Why has Estepona become a privileged area for the house sales market?

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In Southern Spain, there is an absolute truth: “Estepona is a coveted gem for those looking for houses for sale”.

And you might wonder, why?

Quite simply. The warm sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol, the charming historic center, and the diverse cultural offerings make the city attract visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

Estepona is full of many tourist attractions and leisure activities, turning one’s home into a holiday destination in itself. Just imagine waking up each day to the sun shining on extensive beaches and a sea whispering stories of the Costa del Sol… sounds good, right?

And environmentally, Estepona is a pioneer in promoting sustainable practices. The city constantly implements policies that preserve its beaches, encourage the use of renewable energy, and increase green areas.

Moreover, the city has experienced a notable economic boom in recent years. Investment in infrastructure, such as the development of the Sports Port, has generated employment and revitalized the local economy.

Thus, Estepona offers not just a change of location, but a complete lifestyle change, from a welcoming community to a commitment to environmental sustainability and unmatched tourist appeal on the Costa del Sol.

The Real Estate Boom of New Housing in Estepona

In recent years, Estepona has become one of the cities with the most new construction offerings in Málaga, an unprecedented fact for the local real estate market.

And to illustrate: data reveals a sustained growth in home purchases over the past five years.

According to the latest data, the number of real estate transactions has experienced an average annual increase of 20% since 2017, both from international investors and individuals seeking houses for sale in Estepona, either permanently or as a second home.

Likewise, property sales have maintained competitive figures. Although the average prices per square meter have increased by 15% in the last three years, they remain attractive compared to other coastal areas of the Costa del Sol.

And the same real estate boom is creating solid investment opportunities, making Estepona an attractive destination for those seeking economic growth and financial stability.

Foreign Investment is Booming in Estepona

There is a significant increase in foreign real estate investments in Estepona, reflecting the city’s growing international visibility as a safe and attractive investment destination.

According to data from the Junta de Andalucía, the proportion of international buyers has increased from 12% to 25% of the total real estate transactions in recent years.

CASSIA ESTEPONA: The Superlative Housing Project

Among the wide range of houses for sale in Estepona, we could highlight the “Cassia Estepona” housing project, a work that redefines the experience of living on the Costa del Sol.

What features does Cassia Estepona have?

This residential complex is not only based on the quality of construction but also on the vision of offering its residents the good life in its fullest expression.

“Cassia Estepona” symbolizes design, avant-garde, ecology, distinction, and more. Living in this project means living between a private residential area and the proximity of the urban center and its beaches, shops, educational centers, and entertainment venues.

Also, the project commits to the highest energy rating, which implies significant energy savings that care for the environment.

Comprising 78 apartments, the project gives you the option to choose your home (one to four bedrooms), on 3 levels, including spacious terraces or gardens, as well as other common areas such as a swimming pool, gym, community rooms, storage room, and one or two underground parking spaces. Could you ask for more from a house for sale in Estepona?

In conclusion, Estepona has emerged as one of the cities with the most new construction offers in Málaga, not only for its houses for sale but for the lifestyle it offers. The city has transcended conventional expectations, and in the coming years, it aims for more…
In Estepona, every day is an opportunity to live the good life! And at Gilmar Off Plan, we are here to guide you on this exciting journey…

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