Increase in the number of new housing projects in Cádiz capital city

In recent years, the capital of Cádiz has witnessed a notable increase in the construction of housing, which has driven the growth of the sector and sparked growing interest both locally and internationally.

This trend has been driven by various economic, social and cultural factors that have positioned Cadiz as an attractive destination for property investment.

Demand for housing in the city of Cádiz is on the rise

One of the main drivers behind this phenomenon is the growing demand for housing in the city.
Cadiz has experienced an increase in population, both permanent residents and temporary visitors, which has generated a greater need for accommodation.

In addition, the city has established itself as a renowned tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors each year who seek to enjoy its beaches, rich culture and unique gastronomy.
This growing influx of tourists has stimulated investment in holiday rental properties, generating new opportunities in the real estate market.

In this context, the real estate sector in Cadiz has become a key player in the local economy. Developers, builders and real estate agents have responded to this growing demand by planning and executing various housing projects. One of the most prominent developments in this wave of construction is the Gilmar project in the Conde O’Reilly area.

Conde O’Reilly, Gilmar’s new-build housing project

Gilmar has emerged as a leading player in the urban transformation of Cádiz. Its proposal in the Conde O’Reilly area reflects a contemporary vision of city living, combining comfort, design and quality.

This initiative not only seeks to meet the growing demand for housing, but also to raise the living standards of residents and provide an environment that promotes community and integration.

Strategically located, the Conde O’Reilly area presents itself as an ideal enclave for real estate development.
Its proximity to the historic heart of Cádiz, its transport links and its panoramic views of the old town make it a privileged place to live.

Gilmar has conceived this refurbished residential building comprising modern flats while preserving the colonial aesthetics, as a synergy between the past and the future.
These homes are designed with a focus not only on aesthetics and functionality, but also on sustainability and respect for the architectural environment.

Gilmar’s proposal at Conde O’Reilly is a testament to the potential that Cádiz offers in the real estate sector.

In addition to providing high quality housing solutions, this project contributes to sustainable urban development and the enrichment of local identity. By using innovative construction technologies and practices, Gilmar demonstrates its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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