Digital nomads choose Cádiz and the Costa del Sol

Despite the end of the pandemic, there are many Europeans who still practice teleworking, especially those from northern Europe, digital nomads who have discovered in the province of Cadiz and the Costa del Sol a paradise to settle temporarily or even permanently.

Why do digital nomads choose Cadiz and the Costa del Sol?

In Cádiz many digital nomads have found their ideal place to settle, and the fact is that the city of Cádiz besides having incredible sunsets, has beaches along the Costa de la Luz, where you can practice water sports such as kitesurfing, surfing or windsurfing.

The city of Cadiz is a very endearing place for any tourist. Its history and the welcoming character of its inhabitants, together with its historic centre, make many digital nomads want to establish their home there.

Living in Cádiz brings with it many conveniences; everything is close enough that you don’t have to take the car to get around the city.
It is a very welcoming city, with exquisite and affordable restaurants.

In addition to the summer and its beaches, in Cádiz there are essential dates during the winter and spring, such as its famous Carnivals, where, through grace and colour, a repertoire of lyrics is created in which criticism is present.
In spring, the city is filled with petals, and during Holy Week the virgins and saints go out in procession, a festival of faith.

As for the Costa del Sol, there are many things that make digital nomads choose it.
The main one is its good climate, where the sun is present throughout the year, something that surprises and attracts those who come from places where the winter cold and snow is almost daily since winter sets in.

In addition to the good climate, the Costa del Sol has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere, with people of all nationalities living in the area, which has made it a perfect destination for those who want to live outside their own country but also want to build a community.

With a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment venues, nightlife on the Costa del Sol is not for sleeping, but rather for enjoying.

If we add to this its good international communication, thanks to Malaga airport, together with the variety of towns and villages to settle in, as well as the wide variety of technology companies based in Malaga city, the Costa del Sol becomes a place of reference for digital nomads.

What homes are digital nomads looking for?

Both locations have been chosen for the reasons we have mentioned above, however what started out as a place to pass through, at Gilmar Inmobiliaria we are noticing how digital nomads from Northern Europe are looking for homes to live and make a life in our country.

As a general rule, they want homes located in urbanisations with gardens, swimming pools and large terraces.
They are more likely to buy flats or flats than houses.
Very interested in nature and the environment, they are attracted to homes that are close to the beach or the mountains.

What homes does Gilmar have for digital nomads?

Fortunately, at Gilmar we have new-build properties both in the city of Cádiz and in different parts of the Costa del Sol.
If you want to know all their features, we will tell you about them in detail.

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