In this post from Gilmar Off Plan we give you 5 reasons why living in Puerto Real is a fantastic idea.

Cadiz encompasses many cities with a charm and a personality that is difficult to imitate. This time we will focus on the town of Puerto Real and all its strong points.

The warm climate, its white sandy beaches and the beauty of the towns that form it, make this a fantastic place to live.

Puerto Real is located in the epicentre of the Bay of Cadiz and has a cultural and gastronomic offer that attracts people from all over the world every year. Increasingly, this city is positioning itself as an ideal alternative to the overcrowding that other coastal areas are suffering.

If you are looking for a villa in a privileged and central location in Puerto Real, Gilmar off Plan is the answer.

For its green areas

55% of Spanish capitals have less than 10 m2 of green area per person which indicates that the air quality is not 100% healthy in half of the provinces.

This is NOT the case in Puerto Real as it has large and varied areas where nature predominates. This is a key aspect in the area where we want to live because without green areas stress increases and it is more difficult to disconnect.

Also, living in green areas improves the quality of the air we breathe. Some of the most interesting green areas in Puerto Real are:

Las Canteras

When we think of the Lungs of New York, Central Park comes to mind. Well, Central Park in the Bay of Cadiz is called Las Canteras.

It is an urban park with a length of 25 hectares. In this park, the old quarry used to extract oyster stone is well known. After an accident, this park was repopulated and an artificial Mediterranean forest was created. The predominant species are mastic, wild olive and pine trees.
It is curious how in the centre of the park there is an altar dedicated to the Virgin of Lourdes.

Visiting Las Canteras is easy, as it is always open to the public.

Castañar de Rozas de Puerto Real

Rozas de Puerto Real is a small village located on the hill that separates the Alberche Valley and the Tiétar Valley. Here, a spectacular chestnut forest grows in the shelter of the Alto del Mirlo.

On its southern slope, the chestnut trees find the environmental conditions of soil and temperature to develop freely.

Chestnut trees have always been very present in the Roceño culture, which has always used chestnuts as food for humans and animals.

For its cultural offer

El Teatro de Puerto Real

The Teatro Principal de Puerto Real is a three-storey building built in 1859 by Manuel García del Álamo.

It corresponds to the nineteenth-century type of “Italian-style theatre”. Its façade is of elegant classicism and gives way to an interior seating capacity of 568 spectators, distributed in stalls, stalls and paradise.

Centro de interpretación y cultura

This emblematic building of Puerto Real, was born with the pedagogical function of helping to make known the history of this city with the findings that have been found throughout its history. The museum has three floors that allow us to take a didactic journey through the most important moments in the culture of Puerto Real.

For its wild beaches

The beaches of Puerto Real are one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Wide beaches of white sand and crystalline waters with that wild touch that we like so much when we want to relax.

These beaches offer a charming experience, here are the 3 most interesting beaches in this city of Cádiz.

Playa El Conchal Puerto Real

Conchal beach is located in the Barriada del Río San Pedro, in Cádiz. It is located in an enclave surrounded by dunes and a pine forest, ideal for relaxing after a day’s work.

The sand has a whitish tone and the water is usually crystal clear thanks to the fact that it is isolated from buildings. It is a beach protected for its wild flora and fauna and is easily accessible both on foot and by car.

Playa La Cachucha Puerto Real

Caucha beach has very good bathing conditions as there are usually no waves. Unlike the previous beach, here we can see the presence of some buildings around us. It is also a protected beach with easy access.

 Playa Río San Pedro

It can be accessed via a wooden bridge and is located next to the San Pedro River. What stands out most about this beach is its large forest on the beachfront as well as the fauna and flora that inhabit the place.
It is a sanctuary for many species, which makes it a protected area.

Hiking trails

Cañadas de Puerto Real

Las Cañadas de Puerto Real is ideal for jogging in the morning before going to work or for hiking routes. During the route we can find typical flora of the area such as pine forests among others.

The route starts in the periurban park of Las Canteras, specifically in the Pinaleta de Derqui.

Golf Course

Villanuena Golf & Croquet is currently the reference golf course in the bay of Cadiz.
Located in the city of Puerto Real, this wonderful golf course has been designed by Aymerich Consulting, it has 19 holes par 72.
It also has an area dedicated to croquet, being one of the twenty federated courses in our country.

Lovers of both sports will not only be able to enjoy the privileged surroundings, but also the Villanueva Golf Restaurant, where they can enjoy authentic delicacies and even celebrate special events.

This is where the Gilmar Off Plan homes are located, detached houses built with high quality materials, and which have all the comforts: home automation, underfloor heating, own swimming pool, solar panels and security alarm among many other things.

We hope these 5 reasons are enough to encourage you to buy a new build property in Puerto Real, Gilmar Off Plan has exclusive properties for sale for you, contact us.

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