How to decorate a minimalist kitchen

To talk about minimalism is to apply Marie Kondo’s philosophy based on ordering not only your life but also your spaces. If we apply it to kitchens, this style is great to achieve organized, useful and harmonious spaces with everything you need to develop your daily life. If you do not know how to do it, we explain how to decorate a minimalist kitchen.

The first thing to keep in mind is that minimalism is not about getting rid of everything. Its philosophy is to find out what things are important to you in order to live a more meaningful life with less accumulation of objects.

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How to decorate a minimalist kitchen: functional furniture

When designing a minimalist kitchen the first step is to choose functional furniture. There should be no clutter, so choose furniture with plenty of storage space, which can accommodate even some appliances.

It is best to opt for closed furniture to be able to store everything you need and leave open spaces for design or decorative elements. The most chosen furniture is usually straight lines and without ornaments to give the kitchen visual harmony and simplicity.

A trick to give space and reduce the size of the kitchen visually is to leave the top free. This way it is reduced to a horizontal line that gives the space a minimalist and contemporary look. It is an idea for large kitchens with storage space in other areas.

The area that we leave free can be used to place open shelves, without abusing, to integrate a decoration in a subtle way. Do not saturate the space with unnecessary objects. Practicality is the key.

Cocina decorada al estilo minimlista

Design decoration based on textures and colors

A minimalist kitchen does not mean a kitchen without design. The use of different textures on walls and furniture gives a contemporary design to your minimalist kitchen. For this, you can opt for materials such as marble or stone countertops, stools or chairs with contemporary design and the use of simple lines in the furniture.

Minimalism means less visual heaviness. To achieve this, choose the same tones for the wall and furniture. White is the best ally, as it provides a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Do not forget to play with contrasts to give dynamism. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce some color in other spaces such as the countertop. One option is to combine white with black to create very elegant spaces.

Light, serenity and cleanliness, all this is produced by the colors. Undoubtedly, white is the color that best suits this style, since it is a very harmonious and flexible neutral tone, which looks good in any space.

Cocina moderna minimalista

Last but not least, light must be taken into account. As we already know, less is more, so you should opt for efficient and simple lighting. Recessed lights or LED strips are the best option to obtain a good general lighting without overloading.

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