Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca?

Many Europeans wonder if it is better to buy a home on the Costa del Sol or on the Costa Blanca. In this article we offer information so that you can make an informed decision, if you are looking for a place to settle down or to spend your holidays.

The Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca

Both the Costa del Sol, which is the coastline of Málaga (Andalusia) and the Costa Blanca, which is the coastline of Alicante (Valencia region) have several features in common. They are areas that stand out for their beaches and have more than 300 sunny days a year.

What’s more, their service structure, multicultural nature and the existence of high capacity infrastructure makes them perfect, as well as very versatile. Now, we must point out some important differences.

The first detail to highlight is that on the Costa del Sol the number of sunny days per year is slightly higher than in Alicante. Hence its name. Furthermore, the Málaga coastline is designed for an audience that seeks the tranquility and comfort which only the Costa del Sol can offer.

The Costa Blanca is inhabited mostly by the middle class. It is also good to point out that there is more vegetation on Málaga province’s coastline, compared to a more arid coastline in Alicante. So, if you are looking for a place of permanent residence or to buy a luxury house, you will have it easier on the coast of Málaga due to its supply. Let’s see more details.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol

Get to know the Costa del Sol better

The coast of the Málaga province is 150 kilometres long, from the town of Nerja, on the border with Granada, to Casares, bordering the province of Cádiz. In the central zone of the coast are Málaga, the capital, and the international Pablo Picasso airport .

In this area there are two very distinct areas, although the quality of services is good throughout the coast. The Eastern coast stands out for its numerous archaeological sites, for a lower influx of tourists and for its views from the Balcony of Europe.

Whereas the western coastline has a greater influx of tourists, is multicultural or more pluralistic and here we find the most expensive areas of Andalusia such as Marbella.

The beaches of the Costa del Sol deserve a special mention, offering a comprehensive range of possibilities; you can find from unspoilt beaches to city beaches and all the services.

Campanario Hills
Campanario Hills

Beaches on the Costa del Sol

Right now there are 22 blue flags on different beaches of the Malaga coast. In addition, there are other beaches which do not have this award, but are also worth visiting. For example, we highlight some cases that make a difference, such as Maro beachCarvajal beachArtola-Cabopino beach or La Rada beach.

The reality is that there are beaches for different audiences, even beaches where naturism is allowed. Taking this point into account will allow you to find the place that you like the most.


If you want to enjoy the Costa del Sol, we recommend that you seek advice on the available options. There are towns to suit all tastes, but if you want to acquire a luxury home and have nearby services, this is a fantastic option.

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